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Colorado Teachers Union Directs Educators How to Cover Up Evidence of LGBTQ Indoctrination

The Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), which oversees nearly 80,000 students from K-12 in Colorado, has been accused of assisting its teachers with activities that may be in violation of state and federal law. Reports suggest that the JCEA has provided instructions on how to avoid detection. This incident has drawn comparisons to Hillary Clinton’s […]

Transgender Man Applies For Voluntary Euthanasia In Canada, Can’t Stand The Pain Any Longer

Lois Cardinal, a transgender Canadian, is raising questions about the nation’s MAiD (medical assistance in dying) euthanasia program after being denied access to it. Cardinal underwent sex change surgery in 2009 and has since been experiencing constant pressure, pain and discomfort from having their penis inverted to form a “vagina.” Though they have sought medical […]

Gay Boob-Fest At The White House Backfires On The Left

The Biden administration’s support of a disrespectful and inappropriate act by transgender activists who attended a pride event at the White House over the weekend raised more than just Gay flags. The incident has sparked debate about what should be deemed appropriate behavior in the presence of children, as well as how to interpret U.S. […]

California Bill Incentivizes ‘Transgendering’ Kids to Win Custody Disputes

California is attempting to weaponize gender identity in child custody disputes. A new bill proposed by the state assembly would require judges to favor any parent who “affirms” a child’s gender identity over a parent who does not. This would be treated as if it were a violation of the health, safety, and welfare of […]

Behar Accuses Pence of Using ‘Homophobia’ to Appeal to ‘Deplorable Base’

On Tuesday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar told her colleagues that former Vice President Mike Pence is using “homophobia” in order to appeal to the “deplorable” base of voters. What a twat. Her accusations came after media outlets reported on Saturday that Pence was speaking at the annual white-tie Gridiron Dinner when he referenced Transportation […]

Non-Binary Doll Presented to Preschoolers in Teacher Training Video

Young children were shown a non-binary doll called Nash in a documentary video that was used to train daycare staff in North Carolina. In the video posted to social media, a group of four and five-year-old children are introduced by an educator identified as Maddie Piper to a non-binary doll named Nash. When asked whether […]

Drag Queen Story Hour Founder Raises Money for Funeral of Child Rapist

The founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK is helping raise money for the funeral of another drag queen, who happens to be a convicted child rapist. Darren Moore, 39, was found dead on Sunday morning after he was last seen leaving a gay nightclub in the Welsh city of Cardiff, dressed up in full […]