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Buses With No Markings Release Hundreds of Illegal Aliens to City Street in San Diego

On Thursday, three unmarked white buses pulled up near the Iris Avenue Trolley Station in San Diego, California and released hundreds of illegal immigrants. Reports indicate that these immigrants originated from China, Pakistan and the Republic of Georgia. Upon being released, one migrant asked if it was possible for them to go to Chicago, to […]

NYC School Kids Unable To Attend Classes In Order To Make Room For “Migrants”

New York City is struggling to manage the influx of illegal immigrants, and this has had a significant impact on American children. When school resumed in NYC, 21,000 students were unable to attend due to the arrival of migrant children. In Long Island City, there was an extremely long line of people attempting to gain […]

Illegal Immigrants Walking Through Open Doors at Arizona Border

The New York Post has revealed that the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona is experiencing a significant influx of illegal immigrants, with over a thousand entering each day through open gates. These unchecked flows of migrants raise serious concerns about national security and immigration enforcement. U.S. Customs and Border Protection made an average of nearly 6,000 […]

Texas 11-Year-Old Raped and Found Dead, Guatemalan Immigrant Arrested

The tragic death of Maria Gonzalez, 11, was discovered on Saturday in Pasadena, Texas. According to reports, she had sent a text message to her father earlier that day alerting him to the presence of a stranger knocking at the front door. Later that evening when he returned home from work, her body was found […]

NYC Plans To House Illegal Aliens In The Parking Lot Of A Psychiatric Hospital

New York City is planning to house up to 1,000 migrants in the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital parking lot in Queens. New York City is facing a crisis in the form of an influx of migrants seeking asylum. As reported by Fox News, Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol recently announced that the city plans to house […]

Rep Gaetz Proposes Bill That Could End ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida is introducing legislation that questions the practice of birthright citizenship in the United States. As expected, many liberal Democrats aren’t very happy about this plan, as it puts a wrench in their plan to import new Democrat voters. As outlined in both the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and […]

NYC Mayor Says Next Step is Housing Migrants in ‘Private Residences’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’  recent proposal to open the doors of New Yorkers to migrants coming from the border has sparked controversy and outrage among many in our country. Adams now wants to start paying everyday New Yorkers to shelter migrants in their own homes – as the Big Apple struggles to find […]

Democrats: Give U.S. Green Energy Jobs to Foreign Workers, Not Americans

Corrupt elected Democrats are making a push to bring in more foreigners to take US jobs from Americans. Welcome to the party of America Last. Democrats are known for allowing foreign workers who will work for much less money into the country in exchange for campaign contributions. They bill themselves as the party of the […]

House GOP Accuses Biden of ‘Human Trafficking’, Launches Immediate Investigation

Joe Biden and his family are under investigation for a series of alleged crimes including human trafficking, according to two Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer, who held a press conference Thursday morning. Comer spoke before Jordan, and delivered a succinct summary of the claims House Republicans have started […]