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Fox News Demands Campaign Change Ad Featuring Tucker Carlson

It’s no secret that Fox News has been trying to distance itself from its former star, Tucker Carlson. The network has rejected an ad for a presidential campaign because it featured video of him, and according to biographer Chadwick Moore, nine members of the old team have found their way out of Fox and joined […]

Gay Boob-Fest At The White House Backfires On The Left

The Biden administration’s support of a disrespectful and inappropriate act by transgender activists who attended a pride event at the White House over the weekend raised more than just Gay flags. The incident has sparked debate about what should be deemed appropriate behavior in the presence of children, as well as how to interpret U.S. […]

Jake Tapper Agrees With Guest That We Need More Censorship

A new call to ramp up censorship on social media platforms ahead of the 2024 election is making its way around the legacy media. CNN host Jake Tapper, and Frances Haugen, a self-proclaimed whistleblower who worked at Facebook, said on Thursday that Facebook should ramp up censorship to “weed out the Nazis” with the “trillions” […]

New Update In DA Bragg’s Case Against Trump After Federal Indictment

Two major cases against Donald Trump just took a big boost after the former president’s arraignment on federal charges related to his handling of classified documents on Tuesday in Miami. During an interview on MSNBC, New York Attorney General Letitia James acknowledged that her case as well as the one filed by Manhattan District Attorney […]

‘The View’ Host Held Meeting with Federal Prosecutors Concerning Donald Trump: Report

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former employee of the Trump White House and now a political commentator for CNN and co-host of “The View”, reportedly met with federal prosecutors investigating Jan. 6 to help them determine former President Donald Trump’s “state of mind” leading up to the incursion. Despite calling herself a Republican, Griffin has been […]

Behar Accuses Pence of Using ‘Homophobia’ to Appeal to ‘Deplorable Base’

On Tuesday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar told her colleagues that former Vice President Mike Pence is using “homophobia” in order to appeal to the “deplorable” base of voters. What a twat. Her accusations came after media outlets reported on Saturday that Pence was speaking at the annual white-tie Gridiron Dinner when he referenced Transportation […]

Meghan McCain Shreds Joy Behar For ‘Evil’ Comments on East Palestine

On Thursday, former ABC’s The View co-host Meghan McCain shredded her ex-colleague Joy Behar for comments that she made about East Palestine residents voting for former President Donald Trump, implying that ‘they got what was coming.’ While discussing Trump’s Wednesday visit to East Palestine – in which he delivered truckloads of water and supplies to residents […]