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Pentagon Exempts Ukraine Funding From Possible Government Shutdown

As the September 30th deadline approaches, congressional leaders seem to be making little progress in passing a stopgap funding bill that would avoid a government shutdown. Unfortunately, many Americans may soon be facing the consequences of this political failure, including possible job losses and decreased access to necessary services. However, there is one group of […]

Russians Circumvent Sanctions, Produce Seven Times More Ammo Than US and Europe

For months, the mainstream media perpetuated the narrative that, due to sanctions, not only was the Russian economy doomed to fail, but they were also running out of ammunition and military equipment. This narrative has since been proven false Every day, reports from the frontlines revealed how the Russian Federation forces were outmaneuvering their Ukrainian […]

YouTube Censoring Evidence Of Ukrainian Troops Embracing Nazi Symbols

At the G20 world leaders summit, a consensus was reached on digital identification and digital currency. This was announced as an official policy proposal following the 2023 gathering in India. In a document of official policy recommendations titled “G20 Policy Recommendations for Advancing Financial Inclusion and Productivity Gains Through Digital Public Infrastructure,” digital ID appeared […]

Russia State TV Host Claims Tucker Carlson Just Signed His Own Death Warrant

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson warned YouTube host Adam Carola that the Washington DC elites may initiate a war with Russia in the coming year. Russian State TV host Vladimir Solovyov has cautioned viewers of the potential consequence of discussing such plans, namely assassination. Solovyov theatrically asked: “Who says that? A dead man walking! He […]

Mainstream Media Begins To Discuss Replacing Zelensky

For the past 529 days, Ukrainian nanopresident Volodymyr Zelensky has been a ubiquitous presence in political summits and award shows. He has asked for military and financial help for his war-torn country, gaining him both supporters and detractors. However, recently the formidable support he once enjoyed appears to be waning as authorities in the US, […]

CCP’s ‘NeuroStrike’ Program Pushing Cognitive Warfare to a New Level

A recent report has revealed that Communist China has taken the lead in developing “NeuroStrike weapons” – and these weapons target brain function. The 12-page report, written by three intelligence analysts, stated that the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army have been working on devices capable of using microwaves or other directed energy […]

Tate Brothers Charged With Rape, Trafficking In Romania

On Tuesday, Romanian prosecutors officially charged former kick-boxer turned online influecer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate, with human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal gang. Two female suspects have also been taken into custody and are being held under house arrest pending an investigation into these allegations. All parties involved deny the […]

Why The New Imperial Leader Is Far More Dangerous Than George Soros Ever Was

For years, George Soros has been the prime example of a villain in the eyes of many conservative and alternative media outlets. The phrase “Soros-backed District Attorney” has been used so often since 2015 that Google gave up on suppressing it. Now, with Alex Soros taking control of his father’s $25 billion empire, this reign […]

Why Are They Trying To Provoke A Nuclear War With Russia?

The war in Ukraine has been waging for years now with no end in sight. Even though the conflict is not front-page news anymore, it’s still an issue that should be concerning us all. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his generals are desperate to draw the U.S. and other NATO powers directly into the conflict, […]

Hunter Biden’s Bizarre Countersuit Against John Paul Mac Isaac

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre lawsuits in the history of the courts, Hunter Biden’s lawyers refuse to acknowledge that the laptop belongs to Hunter, but then they say that Isaac stole the contents from Hunter. Did he suddenly become a hacker?  All of the information that Isaac has […]