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Mitch McConnell Joins the Walking Dead: Could Be Ousted as Minority Leader

Mitch “Schumer’s Bitch” McConnell has been caving to Democrats over the past twenty years and the chickens may have now come home to roost. A number of GOP Senators are looking to remove McConnell from his post as minority leader. The final straw could be the failed alleged border bill. It was a big give […]

Another Case of Voter Fraud That Never Happens in Atlantic City

A Democrat operative and former Atlantic City council president was arrested last Thursday, February 1st, after it was discovered that he had been running a voter fraud scheme using mail-in balloting. The funny thing is the scheme which paid people between $$30 and $50 dollars for every mail-in ballot request was unnecessary because the candidate […]

House Republicans Suing FBI Agent For Ducking Testimony On Social Media Censorship

The House Republicans are suing Elvis Chan for ignoring two subpoenas for him to testify on the Biden censorship of honest conservatives who disagree with him. Chan is considered to be right in the middle of the bullying of social media in order to hide the unconstitutional censorship by the Biden administration that defies the […]

KJP Tries to Shut Down Fox’s Peter Doocy for Asking Why Biden Talks to Dead People

Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy keeps asking questions that drive Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) right up the wall. She is almost as bad of a White House spokesperson as Joe Biden is a totally incompetent president. Yesterday Doocy asked KJP about Biden talking to a dead French president. Dementia patients often confuse the past […]