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Report: Jack Smith Weighing Another Documents Case Against Trump

The Washington Examiner reported this past Thursday that Judge Aileen Cannon canceled a hearing requested by Special Counsel Jack Smith to discuss a protective order for classified evidence in former President Trump’s documents case. This is seen as a major setback for Smith, with some suggesting that he may have abandoned any notion of the […]

Big Pharma, Big Vita Caught Ripping Off Consumers With Misleading Statements

Reports have emerged that many popular brands of vitamins contain limited amounts of active ingredients and cost significantly more than generic versions., and as a health nut myself, the news of what many of these companies are doing to their consumers infuriates me. There has been some serious buzz about the fact that vitamin capsules […]

MLB Player Stands Up to Anti-Christian LGBT Overthrow Of Baseball

In recent days, Major League Baseball (MLB) has been in the spotlight due to an upcoming “pride night” that the Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting later this month. This event is raising concern among many conservative Christians who feel that MLB is turning its back on their values and beliefs by inviting a drag performance […]