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MPD Commander Jason Bagshaw Used Deadly Force Multiple Times on J6

The Metropolitan Police Department classifies hitting someone in the head with a baton as deadly force, which is only allowed in self defense or in the defense of others. MPD Commander Jason Bigelow used deadly force multiple times on J6 and he is not the only one. For all of the Democratic huffing and puffing […]

Study: More than 27 million Americans have toxic PFAS in their drinking water

Toxic “forever chemicals” are far more widespread through the country’s drinking water systems than previously known, according to new EPA data released recently. An analysis conducted by USA TODAY has revealed that hundreds of community water systems in the United States, which provide drinking water to more than 27 million citizens, have been found to contain […]

How US Climate Funding Will Make Water Pollution Worse

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been applauded by many US organizations and activists due to the generous funding earmarked for projects to “combat climate change and environmental health.” But there are some concerns that certain provisions of this new law could aggravate an existing environmental disaster in the nation’s heartland by increasing the level […]

Even Costco Is Now Selling Gold Bars – But How Do You Buy Gold if Your Money Is Wrapped up in a Retirement Account?

Since before the pandemic, demand for physical precious metals has been steadily increasing. Gold prices have appreciated significantly from around $1,250 an ounce in mid-2019 to approximately $1,900 today. For two years now, central banks have been actively purchasing as much of these commodities as possible. Additionally, nations and some U.S. states are investing heavily […]

Report: Jack Smith Weighing Another Documents Case Against Trump

The Washington Examiner reported this past Thursday that Judge Aileen Cannon canceled a hearing requested by Special Counsel Jack Smith to discuss a protective order for classified evidence in former President Trump’s documents case. This is seen as a major setback for Smith, with some suggesting that he may have abandoned any notion of the […]

Big Pharma, Big Vita Caught Ripping Off Consumers With Misleading Statements

Reports have emerged that many popular brands of vitamins contain limited amounts of active ingredients and cost significantly more than generic versions., and as a health nut myself, the news of what many of these companies are doing to their consumers infuriates me. There has been some serious buzz about the fact that vitamin capsules […]

MLB Player Stands Up to Anti-Christian LGBT Overthrow Of Baseball

In recent days, Major League Baseball (MLB) has been in the spotlight due to an upcoming “pride night” that the Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting later this month. This event is raising concern among many conservative Christians who feel that MLB is turning its back on their values and beliefs by inviting a drag performance […]