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Chelsea Handler: ‘I Thought the Sun and Moon Were the Same Until Age 40’

Remember when Jessica Simpson didn’t know if tuna was fish or chicken and everyone mocked her for years about it? Well comedian Chelsea Handler just one-upped Simpson by claiming that she thought the sun and the moon were the same thing until she was 40-years-old and her sister corrected her.

How do you make it to age 40 thinking that the sun and the moon are the same thing?

On Sunday, Handler appeared on “The Tonight Show” and admitted to host Jimmy Fallon, “This is true. I didn’t know until I was 40 years old that the sun and the moon were not the same thing.”

The now 47-year-old recalled the moment she learned the difference, when she was riding elephants with her sister in Africa.

“My older sister Simone looked up at the sky, and she said, ‘Chelsea, look up. It’s not often you get to see the sun and the moon at the same time,’” Handler said. “I was like Scooby Doo. I’m like, ‘Ruh, what?’”

She continued, “I go, ‘Wait, but they’re always together,’ and as soon as I said that, she turned around and she goes, ‘What did you say?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, shut up, shut up, shut up.’ I knew what I said was wrong. I was like, ‘Let’s canter. Is that what an elephant does.'”

“She looked at me … and I just tried to gloss over it. I was like, ‘Never mind what I said. I know.’ And she said, ‘No, I need you to tell me what you think is happening between the sun and the moon.’ And I was like, ‘Honestly, I just assumed when the sun went down, it popped back up as the moon.’ I’m like, ‘Is that not what’s happening?’ The man riding the elephant spoke no English and went, ‘Pfft!’” Handler added.

She gave never gave any indication that she was joking, either.





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  1. And this women is so very quick to condem and ostracize any conservative ideas. Me thinks she is a very special kind of stupid

  2. A good example of our government school system. She is the poster child for the reason school choice is absolutely necessary.

  3. Not only blame parenting, but I have to ask: did Chelsea Handler ever go to any school, or was she raised by baboons? [Although all animals have instincts that help them survive.] How does she find her way out of bed to the bathroom?

  4. That’s verbatim from her stand up comedy performance. Do you truly believe that all the things comics say on talk shows are soul baring confessions rather than entertaining routines? Lighten up. You only cheapen your validity with such attempts at sensationalist “exposés”

  5. She’s a chronic sufferer from “cranium rectalitis.” She probably also believes that we could land a man on the sun…if we did it at night.

  6. First of all she is so STUPID to “think” the sun and the moon are the same, until she was FORTY YEARS OLD!! Really?? Second how stupid to actually say so on NATIONAL television! WOW!!

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