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Chicago Youth Football Team Protests Plans to Take Away Field and Convert to Shelter For Illegals (VIDEO)

In late September, Chicago Alderman Chris Taliafarro received notice from the city that Amundsen Park was to be converted into a shelter for undocumented immigrants.

This has prompted local residents to organize a protest against this decision.

On Tuesday, roughly 400 individuals attended a community meeting in opposition of the plan, including children and their parents.

The Alderman expressed his disapproval, expressing concerns over safety and stating that it interfered with local elected officials’ ability to discuss issues and make decisions.

Fox News reported:

Residents and a Chicago official have spoken out against city plans to convert a local field house into a shelter for migrants, a move that they claim threatens to displace a youth football team.

Chicago alderman Chris Taliaferro released a statement Monday confirming that he received notice the previous week that the city intended to use the Amundsen Park field house to house roughly 200 migrants.

“On Friday, September 29, 2023, I was informed by Deputy Chief of Staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas that a decision had been made to utilize Amundsen Park, 6200 W. Bloomingdale Ave., to house approximately 200 migrants. I immediately informed Deputy Pacione-Zayas that I strongly opposed the proposal and that this would adversely impact the neighborhood and park programming,” Taliaferro’s statement read.

“This proposal disregards the issues of public safety that are of great neighborhood concern and that our police department has been working tirelessly to turn around. It overlooks the programming that is enjoyed by our senior and youth residents that actively utilize the park.”

The Biden Regime has been largely attributed to the illegal immigration crisis. Had measures been taken to secure our southern border, this magnitude of issues would not be affecting our Nation.

Cities such as Chicago are now overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, some even having to resort to living in airports and parks.


Chicago has seen a dramatic strain on its budget due to President Joe Biden’s border policies.

Last month, The Gateway Pundit reported on the city’s financial crisis resulting from an influx of illegal immigrants.

In response to this, Chicago has spent over $100 million in taxpayer dollars to provide for them.

Despite such expenditures, the city is still facing overwhelming pressure as migrants are being housed in police stations and O’Hare Airport has become a hazardous encampment full of filth and unsanitary conditions.

Now, Chicago is looking at a projected deficit of $538 million by 2024, with more than one-third linked directly to the illegal immigration crisis, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

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