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Chicago’s O’Hare airport turned into migrant shelter — growing crisis hidden from public behind black curtains

The O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois has recently been utilized as an overflow shelter for hundreds of asylum-seeking migrants.

Reports have indicated that the migrants are housed on the ground floor of the building and concealed from public view by large black curtains.

A Chicago police officer confirmed to News Nation that there are currently 433 migrants taking refuge at the airport; this number is significantly higher than the 31 who were sheltered at the beginning of August.

Reports have indicated that some migrants are facing “inhumane” living conditions, with limited cots available and individuals being forced to sleep on the floor.

One migrant told News Nation that due to inadequate food, many children are feeling ill. On average, migrants remain at the airport for approximately 10 days before being placed in permanent shelters.

“While they find another place for us to go, some have been here for 10 days. But people keep leaving and the city of Chicago will take us and will find a place for us to stay,” the migrant stated. “No one likes to live here. It’s just a process that we have to wait for to be called and then we can leave. You are not going to be there for months, you are only going to be there for days while the city finds a place for you.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the migrants’ living conditions at the airport are “inadequate,” with reports of overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, and limited access to basic comforts such as food, health care, showers, laundry, and bedding.

Vianney Marzullo, a lead volunteer with the Chicago Police Station Response Team, noted that while the airport was meant to serve as a temporary shelter for migrants, it is not providing an adequate level of support.

“O’Hare is just a holding place for the incoming flights, technically,” she stated. According to Marzullo, having migrants stay longer than a few days poses a “big public safety issue.”

“I’m grateful they gave us a roof over our heads,” one migrant told the Chicago Sun-Times, “but six days without a bed and without a shower, that was inhumane.”

A Chicago spokesperson blamed the increase of migrants on flights arriving from Texas.

“The city is working to open additional shelters in order to provide temporary shelter for asylum-seekers arriving daily,” the spokesperson told the outlet.

Earlier this year, O’Hare International Airport garnered national attention due to its intensifying homelessness issue.

Reports of being accosted by homeless people taking refuge in the airport during winter months caused safety concerns among both personnel and travelers alike.

Chicago reporter William J. Kelly informed Fox News Digital that the airport has taken measures to bar homeless encampments.

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