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CNN Data Reporter Harry Enten Says Key Dem Demographic Trending ‘Toward Donald Trump’

President Trump has been siphoning off votes from Blacks and Hispanics that have the Democrats in panic mode. Now, CNN data reporter, Harry Enten has found another reliable group that is also moving towards Trump and the Democrats should be scared to death.

And that is the union vote and the shift appears to be massive. That could affect not only the presidential election, but also elections for members of Congress. What is Enten saying?

Dementia Joe finally got the endorsement of the UAW but apparently that is only from the leadership which would amount to couple of dozen votes, whereas the union membership would account for tens of thousands mostly in the swing state of Michigan.

Enten pointed out that union members vote heavily Democratic but in polls of union workers in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin Trump is in a dead heat with Biden.

Enten said:

“I think this might be a bit of a surprise to some folks. This is among union members in key swing states, Joe Biden at 47%. Donald Trump at 47%. This is a clear movement from what we saw in 2020. The recall vote on that was Biden plus eight. So this is a movement towards Donald Trump. Donald Trump gaining among union members as he has gained nationwide as well.”

In Michigan and Nevada union voters make up 10% of the electorate.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked:

“What about the trend line for union workers over time?”

From The Daily Caller

Enten explained that in 1948 Democrats won the union vote by 62 points, noting union voters did make up a much larger share of the vote at the time. Former President Bill Clinton won the union vote by 31 points while Biden won the union vote by 22 points.

“I was looking at some of the national polls there and we’re also seeing that trend line more towards Donald Trump this time around. So union members are a big part of the democratic coalition, but fewer and fewer of them are voting democratic and why is that? What is going on here? Well, union member vote in 2020, among college graduates, Joe Biden … won union members by 46 points. But look with no college degree. Donald Trump won that vote by six points. So oftentimes we think of unions we think of blue-collar workers but in fact there are a lot of white-collar voters in unions and the fact is those voters are going over from Biden, but you look at those blue-collar workers they are much more in the Trump camp.”

Union membership rate fell to an all-time low in 2023 despite the Biden Administration pursuing several policies aimed at boosting organized labor, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. (RELATED: Organized Labor Is Causing ‘Union Joe’ Biden A Lot Of Headaches)

Just 10% of American wage and salary workers were union members in 2023, down from the previous all-time low of 10.1% in 2022.

The White House announced in March 2023 that federal agencies have been working to advance recommendations made by a task force that focused on worker organization. The task force recommended providing workers with information about unionizing, expanding collective bargaining rights for the Transportation Security Administration, helping workers secure collective bargaining agreements and increasing federal messaging on the importance of unionization.




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  1. ANYONE who votes Democrat now is a f’n moron PERIOD! Why in hell any free American would want to become a government-controlled socialist is beyond me, but you can’t fix stupid no matter how smart they claim to be.

  2. looking at that picture of biden here, makes me think it is not really him, but someone wearing a latex mask to look like biden. look at the news clips in the last year of him, seems to be going downhill every time he gets up to speak. then an interview of him not long ago, and the gut that is supposed to be him, is very lucid and right on the ball. no slurring of words, bright eyed, and mobility not messed up. something smells bad. actors and doubles much?

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