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CNN host, reporter panic after Fulton County DA helped Trump’s campaign

As Donald Trump arrived at Fulton County Jail for processing Thursday, conservative journalists remarked on the possibility of him exploiting the moment in order to benefit his campaign.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins and correspondent Sara Murray discussed how Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may have provided assistance.

They noted that Trump is known for using moments meant to hurt his image in a way that benefits him politically.

“Trump himself has been not downplaying this. I mean, he has certainly seen how he uses these exact moments to his political advantage,” Collins noted.

Murray agreed and openly questioned the “value” of snapping Trump’s mug shot and releasing it to the public.

“He does use these. I mean, he uses these for fundraising. He uses these to rally his base,” she said. “I mean, that’s one of the questions about the sort of value of a mug shot in this case, right? Sure, it’s treating Donald Trump, if he does get one, the same as any other defendant. But you are also giving him a photo that there is no doubt that he is going to use on promotional material, he’s going to use on fundraising material.”

As one of the world’s most recognizable political figures, President Trump has been spared the embarrassment of having his mug shot taken in three criminal cases. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) and special counsel Jack Smith both chose not to have a mug shot taken when prosecuting Trump.

This raises an important question: Is it necessary for the Secret Service to take a mug shot of someone they are statutorily obligated to protect?

“Do we really need to do this, when we’re talking about a former president of the United States?” Murray pondered. “We know what he looks like.”

Donald Trump recently utilized his mug shot from his processing at the Fulton County jail to promote a fundraising campaign for his presidential run.

His post on X (formally Twitter) contained a link that directed supporters to an online landing page, which featured the mug shot.

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  1. If any state has remote unmonitored ballot drop boxes, the Republicans should prepare millions of ballots to be dropped in the boxes in the case where any Democrat is observed doing he same. It appears the only way to beat a cheat is to cheat themselves.

  2. It tickles me that every time these Deep State Democrat Nazis and their feckless bed buddy RINOs attack President Trump with their bogus charges his poll numbers go up! MAGA!

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  4. BACKFIRED!!!!! LM@O!!!! Even the dumb Libs will have a picture of TRUMP in their household!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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