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CNN Host Surprised That Plurality of Americans Blame Dems for Government Shutdown

It’s no secret that government shutdowns are a messy affair.

Just recently, CNN reported surprising findings on who Americans believe is to blame for the latest potential government shutdown: not House Republicans, but Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress.

In fact, when combining Biden and Congressional Democrats’ percentages together, more voters are blaming them than Republicans in Congress—a stark difference from prior shutdowns where Republicans were largely blamed by Americans.

Data reporter Harry Enten explained this finding with surprise, commenting that it “was a bit of a surprise to [him] given what the conventional wisdom is.”

And even though the shutdown has been temporarily averted, it is clear who the American people feel is responsible for the mess in Washington DC.

Polls have shown that 39% of Americans primarily blame Biden and/or Congressional Democrats for a possible shutdown; 33%, meanwhile, blame GOP members of Congress; and 22% blame both equally.

The results of these polls don’t just differ from prior shutdowns where Republicans were deemed responsible—they also come as a shock to news outlets like CNN.

One thing we know for sure is that political polarization has been steadily increasing over time in America.

Media bias – or lack thereof – in reporting stories accurately and neutrally without injecting their own opinion or taking sides during coverage of controversial topics have played a major role in the lack of trust and changing beliefs.

How did this segment go unnoticed by the editors?


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  1. All these polls that show trump leading by 60 some per cent and most people in the country blame democrat communists for a disastrous economy yet…democrats “win” re-election ..strange huh ..?..or do they…time for a real insurrection

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