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CNN Host Tears Into Trump For Saying ‘Crazy Thing’ Even Though FBI Director Christopher Wray said the Same Thing

CNN non-journalist Phil Mattingly has criticized President Trump for predicting a terrorist attack in this country due to Joe Biden’s open borders policies.

There were 172 encounters of terror watch-listed individuals in fiscal year 2023, compared to only 30 over the last three years of the Trump presidency.

172 is nine times the number of terrorists who pulled off 9/11. Mattingly also intentionally ignored the fact that FBI Director Wray who testified to exactly the same thing before Congress last December.

Trump’s statement:

“Just three years ago we had the strongest and safest Border in U.S. history. Today we have a catastrophe waiting to happen. It is the WORST Border IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, an open wound in our once great Country. TERRORISTS ARE POURING IN, UNCHECKED, FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. There is now a 100% chance that there will be MAJOR TERROR ATTACKS IN THE USA. CLOSE THE BORDER!”

Mattingly said:

“You look at what Trump … is posting on his social media account … and part of it is he says ‘terrorists are pouring in, unchecked from all over the world, there is now a 100% chance that there will be a major terror attack in the U.S.,’ which is a crazy thing for a presidential candidate to say.” 

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified:

“What I would say that is unique about the environment that we’re in right now in my career is that while there may have been times over the years where individual threats could have been higher here or there than where they may be right now, I’ve never seen a time where all the threats or so many of the threats are all elevated, all at exactly the same time.”

Sen Lindsey Graham added:

“So, blinking red lights analogy about 9/11 – all the lights were blinking red before 9/11, apparently. Obviously, all of us missed it. Would you say there’s multiple blinking red lights out there?”

From The Daily Caller

CNN’s Phil Mattingly criticized former President Donald Trump on Monday for making the “crazy” claim that there would be a terrorist attack in the U.S. due to terrorists illegally crossing the southern border despite FBI Director Christopher Wray making similar warnings.

“I see blinking red lights everywhere,” Wray testified.

Border Patrol agents nabbed 50 illegal aliens on the terror watchlist between October and December, just after federal authorities warned Border Patrol that after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah terrorists could possibly cross into the U.S.

There were 172 encounters of terror watch listed individuals in fiscal year 2023, compared to 30 encounters between fiscal years 2017 and 2020, according to federal data.

An unnamed individual, who identifies as a member of the Somali terror group al-Shabaab, was released into the United States for more than a year after he was caught illegally crossing the southern border near San Ysidro, California in March of 2023, the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively reported. The suspect was caught in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after authorities were able to determine the individual was a “confirmed member of al-Shabaab.”

So, why is it wrong for Trump to make that warning when even members of the Biden Administration has said the same thing? My tguess is that the media does not want anyone blaming Joe Biden just because he made it ridiculously easy for terrorists to enter the country.





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  1. Does anyone with a brain( leaves out Democraps) believe that a member of the RECTUM SUCKIBG PUPPETS of the Democraps would allow TRUTH to be told about Pedo Joe and his MASSIVE MESS at what is supposed to be America’s Southern Border????????

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