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CNN’s Cooper Mocks Carlson: ‘He’d Have Wet His Pants at Capitol on Jan. 6’

On Tuesday, CNN host Anderson Cooper said on his show “Anderson Cooper 360” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson would have peed in his pants if he’d been at the Capital on January 6, 2021.

Cooper mocked, “The idea of Tucker Carlson being in that mob that day and not wetting his pants is hard to imagine. I find it hard to understand somebody who has never put himself in harm’s way in any capacity for anyone else or on reporting a story and yet has the audacity to try to rewrite history. I mean, that’s what this is. It is an attempt to rewrite history on what is one of the most consequential, certainly one of the biggest events in American democracy and the biggest threats to American democracy.”

CNN contributor Michael Fanone chimed in, “I agree. Tucker Carlson is, you know, by his own admission, an entertainer, not a journalist. And on top of that, he has just proven himself to be Donald Trump’s chief propagandist, and that’s all this was, and I think that, you know, most Americans recognize that way before this segment aired, this was propaganda, and it was an attempt by Tucker Carlson to downplay and whitewash the events of January 6.”

Funny, it seems the only people who were “afraid” of the so-called insurrection on January 6 were Democrats. They were the ones claiming that people tried to attack them and kill them, and claim they had to barricade themselves inside just to survive!

Meanwhile, the footage released by Tucker Carlson on Monday shows police officers casually taking people through the Capitol building, as if they were giving a guided tour.

Cooper is just mad that the left’s narrative has, once again, gone up in smoke. They base everything on a foundation of lies, and then it gets shattered by the truth. Every. Single. Time.




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  1. What a creepy liar who cannot stand the truth. Get real Cooper. You are just jealous that McKarthy didn’t give the tape to you!!!

  2. “Anderson Cooper said on his show “Anderson Cooper 360” that Tucker Carlson would have peed in his pants…”
    This shows what a class act Cooper is…as well as the other WOKE Democrats.

  3. Cooper – and most of the Left – is deaf and blind when it comes to the propaganda spewed by the Left. When a constant one-sided/biased narrative has to go to Great lengths to Censure those who can show a different perspective, there should be major questions as to the credibility and rationale of those claims. Blocking the truth is a sure indication that those on the Left are lying. But if he were to claim he is “Open-Minded” it’s obvious that his brains fell out … a long time ago. And, quite frankly, the Left “can’t handle the truth.”

  4. Not just the left, some republicans also. It is all about ‘never Trump’ as he scared the stuffings out of them with his ‘drain the swamp’ plan. Our government and their media is corrupt to the core.

  5. The Democrat Media has consistently used every exposure of Democrat corruption as an opp ego indict Americans. comes a sexual deviant smearing.a Republican for putting truth on display.

    Carlson may not be a brawler, but he doesn’t suck.

  6. Democracy wasn’t threatened on J 6, it was displayed !! The 2020 Election was an
    atrocity, there is NO WAY “Hide’n Biden” won by 10 million votes. J 6 was the reaction
    to the theft and deceit by Democrats on Nov. 8, 2020. Now it is ALL unraveling, Wu- Flu, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, over counting of votes, and that pause at 2A.M.
    when Trump’s totals went backwards and O’Biden’s went up !! Worse than 9 /11 and
    Pearl Harbor, combined ? Pelosi and Bowser schemed out the whole thing, skeleton
    crews on Capital and Metro Police, no National Guard, CIA/FBI operatives in the crowd network news crews, Antifa and Burn Loot Murder plants !! The TRUTH is finally coming out, and the LEFTIES are in MELTDOWN MODE !!

  7. “CNN host Anderson Cooper said on his show “Anderson Cooper 360” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson would have peed in his pants if he’d been at the Capital on January 6, 2021.”

    Ho hum. Anytime somebody tells the truth the left doesn’t like they resort to baseless accusations and name-calling. If Anderson Cooper doesn’t believe what Tucker is reporting is true, why doesn’t he provide any evidence to the contrary? Yeah, why don’t they argue the facts and the evidence?

  8. TRUTH BE TOLD, If those HIDDEN FOOTAGE were Exposed to the world before the 2022 Midterm Election, the RED TSUNAMI would have Surely Happened.

  9. funny how a drunken faggit like cooper can go on calling people out. That lil twinky needs to take a good look at himself

    1. Cooper was one of the group of Obama-slavish journalists like Chris “tingle up my leg” Matthews and Keith Olbermann who called anyone who questioned Obama’s suspicious birth narrative and lack of a long form birth certificate as racists, as “tin foil hatters” or fringe, or lunatic. Name-calling is their chief M.O. to try to destroy political opponents. There was never a shred of genuine evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii- his literary bio was unearthed by Andrew Breitbart, after his death, stating that Obama was “born in Kenya.” Obama supporters like Cooper never told their audiences that prominent Kenyan Ministers described Obama as a “native son,” one questioning in Parliament when Obama would “repatriate” himself– are Kenyan Ministers racists too? It’s not surprising Cooper would push the bogus Democrat Jan6 narrative– because he’s a reliable Democrat goose-stepper. The phony Jan6 Democrat narrative has been used to keep Jan6 protestors in jail as political prisoners- and is intended primarily to stop hated “Orange Man” from running for the presidency again. Thank God for Elon Musk, who by buying Twitter, destroyed the entrenched Jan6 lies spewing from contemptible Goebbels-like propagandists like Cooper.

  10. He should just stick to being a queer. he’s much better at being that than anything else. Fill up that CO*K SUCKER, and maybe he’d be a lot quieter…

  11. Cooper going after Tucker is like someone going after a Marine with a pool noodle!

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