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Cocaine Dealer Obama Freed From a Life Sentence is Arrested on 3 Counts of Attempted Murder: One Woman Left Brain Dead

Barack Obama freed a lot of lifers from prison such as Alton Mills, of Evergreen Park in Illinois. Obama and Elizabeth Warren were enamored with this man and they bragged about giving him his freedom.

Now, it looks like he is about to get another life sentence after he fired shots into a vehicle in a road rage incident.

Mills was in front of the other car at a stoplight. The light turned green and Mills did not move, so the other car drove around him.

When he got caught up with the other car, he fired shots into the Explorer. One of those shots hit a woman sleeping in the back seat, leaving her brain dead and could lead to her death.

Thank heavens he was freed from a life sentence because if not, who could have shot up the Explorer and essentially cost this woman her life? Elizabeth Warren did a photo op with Mills after his release and she made the following statement:

This morning I met Alton Mills, a man who had served 22 years of a mandatory life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense until President Obama recently commuted his sentence.

Alton’s story reminds me: It’s not justice when someone who needs help can go away for life for selling crack on the street, but a bank executive who launders hundreds of millions of dollars for drug cartels can pay a fine and sleep in his own bed at night.

There is one set of laws on the books, but two legal systems — and the American people expect better. We need to straighten out the criminal justice system and reform drug enforcement practices that do nothing but destroy lives and communities.

CWBChicago reported:

“A bullet struck a woman sleeping in the Explorer’s back seat in the head, Morrissey said. The Explorer’s front passenger told police that the shooter was an older black man with a salt-and-pepper beard. She also took a blurry picture of the gunman’s license plate and recorded a video in which she read the license plate number out loud.”

From The Blaze

The Explorer’s driver reportedly sped to a Chicago Fire Department station, and called the police. The woman who was shot was rushed to the hospital. The Daily Mail reported the woman was brain-dead, and not expected to survive.

Illinois State Police reviewed license plate reader data from the area of the shooting, and suspected Mills to be involved in the crime.

Investigators executed search warrants on Mills’ home and vehicle on Monday. They discovered 40-caliber bullets in his bedroom – the same caliber used in the shooting – and his car tested positive for gunshot residue, Morrissey stated.

Morrissey informed Judge Carroll that Mills “made admissions that he did the shooting.” She added that the 54-year-old ex-convict inflicted “great bodily harm and soon death” on the victim.

Mills is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder. He is being held without bond at the Cook County Jail. He faces his second sentence of life in prison.

In 1994, Mills received a life sentence in prison for trafficking cocaine. The crime was his third felony conviction.

Previously, Democrats lauded Mills as an example of the benefits of criminal justice reform.

In 2018, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) shared Mills’ story on the Senate floor and made him the face of the First Step Act – a prison reform bill to lower recidivism rates.




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  1. Democrats are sooooo stupid, including Obama, Dick Durbin and Chief Warren. What would I give to see these people, and a bunch more, behind bars.

    1. amen, brother. yeah, moderate my comments, after you asked for them, rocci.

    2. Three-time felon and now triple-charged, attempted murder suspect Alton Mills and all the criminal-supporting, bleeding heart dems with their dumb statements, should be in every Republican ad from now until election time. Just like former Mass. Gov. Dukakis was lampooned for freeing felon Willie Horton and lost the Presidential race, Republicans can do the same to dems in lots of races.

    3. It’s not stupidity, it’s evil because it’s all with intent. Daca was found to be illegal but it didn’t undo the damage he did to the country.

  2. All crimes should only be committed against Democrats because they simply don’t understand the consequences of real life victimization.
    That would be ironic because it will be liberals committing crimes against liberals! But what’s new??
    Liberals only fabricate victimization issues for their personal benefit with racism as their main key word.

  3. Comments apparently never get approved because they never become visible. If they did, I would be able to see other comments being made!
    Rocci Stucci appears to censor everything!!

  4. I hope fervently that obama and all his cronies are asked to atone for this at the end of their lives. I hope that GOD is not forgiving of their sins. you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. this guy was no angel, he had prior FELONY convictions which landed him behind bars for LIFE. there was a reason for that sentence, as the lefties mentioned above will never understand. I hope that both have encounters with these type of saved individuals. won’t happen, as they surround themselves with guards, and those guards carry GUNS! oh, gasp!!!!! that is why I will never surrender my protection to anyone. unless they give me a mansion, surrounded by high walls, and body guards just like they have. sorry, not sorry.

  5. I do see one comment appeared.
    But just as I suspected, this site censors all but their chosen in-house commenters. No one else’s comments get shown.

  6. Will the bastard Hussein O and the Indian chief be held to answer for the dumb assed decision to let this thug out?

  7. A perfect example of them kind of thug that Pelosi and crew claim have “spark of divinity” by which they mean a “heart of gold.”
    It is the same as believing if you smile warmly reach out to pet a rattle snake, it will act like cuddly kitten. “Oh! How cute! It’s purring!”

  8. This is how scumbags like Obama and other radical leftists “fundamentally change America”. These are Obama’s words.

  9. obama was and evil and the US is his enemy. His “wingman,” Eric Holder, ran the Department of Just Us. Nobody in that administration gave a single s#|+ about law-abiding citizens.

  10. Take Warren the Indian Mosquito along with Obama the Kenyan DOWN for Accessories ^5

  11. Complicit on this one? Yes, absolutely!
    But what about
    Michael Hastings
    Donald Young
    Anthony Scalia

  12. It has been reported that Black Males represent 8% of Our Population but Commit 44% of the CRIME! No surprise that the “leader” of the Party of Criminals, aka Democrat Party, would be involved with a Crime like this! Remember, Barrack Hussein Obama was Never vetted by Anyone including the Democrat Party of Criminals!

    1. Truth was hidden and Obama wasn’t born on American soil making him a fraud, and now without a doubt a Criminal!

    2. The last FBI report I read stated that Blacks were responsible for over 75% of the crime in the US along with over 90% of the murders. But I guess we’re not supposed to state the evidence cause it might be racist.

  13. Typical of the Demonrats to keep up the chaos. They need to be gone, period, because it’s all of them.

  14. Democrats are oblivious to laws and proper social behavior. A rat has more sense than any of them.
    They are in dire need of remedial instruction starting with the Ten Commandments.

  15. The result of welfare and free handouts instead of putting them to work. The uneducated without responsibility soon become our adversaries. Simple deduction.

  16. I didn’t know 3x convicted felons were allowed to own a firearm in Illinois.
    I guess if Hunter Biden can lie on a background check why not this assclown.
    He’s the perfect example I point to when dumbasscrats start screaming for gun control. They can’t even keep guns away from criminals but they want to strip me of my constitutional right?

  17. As they say birds of a feather flock together. The real problem with these type of people is they are not held responsible for their actions. So they could release everyone in a prison and never have to face any penalties.

  18. We are in dire need of some super cerebral legal advice to determine if dumbama and pocohontis can be legally held responsible for being complicit in the commission of this crime being that they were the ones responsible for having this lifer turned loose on the American public.

  19. What makes a politician an expert in anything they say or do? They are suppose to be leaders but could lead a woodpecker out of a wet paper bag with out screwing up something. Their entire political career is spent squeezing more money out of the tax payer or doing favors, for favors. Politicians have no morals, ethics, or fear to do just about anything they desire and walk away clean.

  20. So you pick 1 person out of all the people that were released and blame Obama but you don’t give credit to the successful that were released,Why do we keep trying to make Democrats or Republican’s evil, when America is a Democratic Republic country,most Democrats believe in 2 genders, Stop being hateful and divisive

  21. You know when a Person signs o Co-sign for another to get a car or home and they do not Pay the one that Co-signs has to Pay why not these that let out or Pardon them Pay too for that What yes

  22. Not surprised Obama, Durbin and Warren are just political clowns that have no clue why people are in jail… it’s because there a danger to the community… Politicians she be held accountable for there actions and put in jail

  23. Life sentences are expensive for tax payers.

    Hey Black readers, there’s alot of white pedophiles in jail for 20+ years, how’d you like to buy one in chains? Consider it reparations! Black people should get a discount when buying white prisoners for hard labour during their sentence :trollface:.

    The constitution has the remedy to taxpayer-costly prison time:
    Slavery was never removed nor ammended out of the constitution. According to the constitution which is the legitimate basis of all law and cannot be contradicted by any law:
    “13th Amendment
    Section 1

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    “Except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

    Slavery is still legal in the USA, for treatment of duly convicted criminals for the duration of their sentences. Put him to work, for life if thats his sentence. Indentured Servitude.

    There shouldn’t be a single life or long term sentenced prisoner wasting away in a cell sucking down tax funded food! heck today they even pay them! I say let Slavery solve the issue the way the US constitution says is still legal!

    Meanwhile; white folk and hispanics etc. everyone can own convict slaves. heck rent’em to china. Rent them to Africa’s many countries. Only one problem, our jails and prisons would have to downsize because there’d be too many open cells.

    Make a law that allows us to imprison illegal migrants who repeat the offense! give’em 5 years of Slavery.

    Meanwhile I bet crime rates will go WAAAAY down.

  24. Not a surprise.The Muslim Fraud doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people or America.

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