Contents of the video prompted investigators to make contact with two camp owners who had trail cams in the area. The photos from the two showed a man later identified by police as Matsoukas, naked from the waist down other than his socks and shoes. The first photo was reportedly snapped in 2014 with the last two of the six being taken in April of this year.

On May 16, park rangers allegedly caught Matsoukas on a DNCR trail camera again at the parking lot and were able to track him down by his green Subaru Outback, noting that his license photo with the DMV matched the photos from the other trail cams, the complaint reads

A search warrant was executed at Matsoukas’ home where investigators were looking for a silver iPad that may have been used at the park on April 13th. It was noted in the criminal complaint that Matsoukas appeared nervous when they arrived at his home, saying ‘I’m done, I’m dead. You don’t understand, I do it to blow off steam.”

According to the complaint, police found a total of three iPads, one of which Matsoukas allegedly said was his Penn State work tablet but not used on April 13.

Video from a trail camera set up to catch people stealing bags of hand sanitizer from the bathrooms showed Matsoukas and his dog on April 13.

Warning: The following account and video description comes directly from the criminal complaint filed by the DCNR. It may be graphic to some.

Matsoukas had allegedly left the restroom in the parking area with his dog and was naked. Wearing only a black ski mask, backpack, and hiking boots, Matsoukas allegedly began to masturbate while filming himself on one of the previously mentioned iPads.

Different videos captured that same day during the incident allegedly showed Matsoukas moving his iPad to various spots and positions. At one point, investigators said he began to rub his chest and masturbate. He then bent over and pulled the dog’s leash, getting the dog to lick his anus while he continued.

Matsoukas has a hearing scheduled for July 19.