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Comer Slams DOJ Double Standard: Biden Classified Doc Handling ‘Worse’ Than Trump

On Thursday, Republican Representative James Comer appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus” to discuss the TWO sets of classified materials recently discovered in President Joe Biden’s garage, as well as an old office of his at the Penn Biden Center. He declared that Biden’s storage and handling of classified documents is far “worse” than former President Donald Trump.

Comer asserted, “Everything he accused President Trump of with respect to storage and handling and possession of classified documents, we now know that President Biden did the same thing, only worse because they are in multiple locations, and we really don’t know what process was involved.”

“None of this makes sense,” he continued. “They have not been transparent or truthful. That’s why we’re investigating the Biden family. We believe that they are come compromised because of the millions of dollars they’ve received from our enemies around the world.”

Comer said, “If they did know when the first set of documents was found and didn’t talk about the second, then that’s a huge problem because they aren’t being transparent with the American people. The Biden administration has a history of covering things up. We are seeing that with the Biden family influence-peddling investigation. They are trying to cover things up. It is getting to the point people are starting to realize this isn’t a political investigation. This is serious because there are too many connections to China and anonymous donations in the tune of millions of dollars.”

He added, “The fact that we haven’t heard anything from the Department of Justice yet shows again that there is a two-tier system of justice here.”

I absolutely agree, and I think most Americans do as well. There is a stark double standard when it comes to how the DOJ treats Biden versus how they treat Trump.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home was raided last year on a claim that he removed classified material when he left the White House, yet they found nothing….but TWO sets of classified documents have recently been found in both Biden’s home and old office, and the DOJ is twiddling their thumbs.

What is going on??




15 Responses

  1. TREASON. They found discussions of classified documents in Hunters emails retrieved from his “Laptop from Hell”. Can only imagine what our foreign adversaries know and are planning!

  2. It may well be but he’s still there and you can watch as they drag out nay effort to dump him.

  3. Just more endless TALK, TALK, TALK, and nothing at all is ever done, no Liberal in D. C. EVER goes to prison where they belong !!!! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, I will believe it when I see it !!!! LOCK THEM UP, OR SHUT UP !!!

  4. I want to know what our congress is doing from all the corruption that is going on with our President and his staff. Who is running our country? It sure isn’t our President.

  5. Hi Rocci…..nothing is over for being Biden. Who is going to pursue the traitorous activities of the Biden crime family….those same bastions of justice that investigated the clintons….don’t forget…Hillary f’n Clinton set up her own server with as many as 30000 classified docs that SHE AND THE FBI destroyed!!!!! Get it???? Our government is as corrupt as any in history…includes Stalins USSR….Mao’s CCP, Tojos Japan, anything south of our border or Canada. Our Fed Agencies have been coopted, weaponized and corrupted beyond imagination. The left doesn’t have a word in their dictionary for justice. Quit crying wolf….it’s been done a thousand times since the Clinton’s first soiled the office of the POTUS….

  6. Curious that we haven’t heard much about the content of the Biden documents, when in the Trump case these same people had a different excuses for the warrant muli-times in the press.

  7. Biden in PANIC MODE after Huge Discovery at his Delaware Home. – Staff at “The Beltway Report, 1/15/23.
    “Biden White House Counsel travels to Biden Delaware home with Biden DOJ officials to look for docs — AFTER Special Counsel is appointed?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted. “But Trump’s home gets FBI raid after Biden DOJ officials refuse Trump offer to let them look through records. Biden DOJ is corrupt mess.” –Tweet from Tom Fitton at “Judicial Watch,” – 1/14/23

  8. In this case, guilt is clear and unequivocal. Joe Biden had NO authority to remove any classified documents when he left the VP office; and he damn sure didn’t have the authority to instruct others to do so. Plus, unlike former PRESIDENT Trump, Biden had no authority to declassify ANY documents! (We’re talking approximately 6 years that these documents have been “floating around” at various unsecured locations; and this FACT is just one more relevant “Article” to be included in Joe’s Articles of Impeachment. He can’t be allowed to “skate” on this one!

  9. I don’t believe this will be the end of that lying braindead idiot. His Communist Party is VERY strong in Congress. Braindead Biden is totally supported in the American courts, the entire United States news medias, and his Communist Chinese allies. He will be protected at all costs.

  10. The difference is, Biden is a Communist assest and he was vice president when he stole those documents.
    Huge difference.
    I’ll trust President Trump before, Bush, Clinton, Hussein or Biden.

  11. Yup, they will never punish him in any way just because of his age and his dementia even though he’s an Illegitimate President stole the 2020 Election, stolen hundreds of millions in taxpayers money, is a CCP SPY, has Murdered hundreds of thousands & disabled just as many with his illegal Fake Vaccine Mandates and has broken more Laws & violated the Constitution more times than any president in U.S. history.

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