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Conservative Watchdog Files Complaint Against Left-Wing Group Meddling In Montana Senate Primary

Americans for Public Trust (APT) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against the Last Best Place PAC, a group that is funded by Majority Forward, a group aligned with Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. Gee, Democrats being unethical? I can’t believe it. Wait, I do believe them to be unethical, I just don’t believe they will be held accountable. They are pouring in millions in order to pick Jon Tester’s opponent in the Montana Senate election.

This is something that Democrats have done for years. They try to help the weakest candidate to win the primary and then clobber them in the general election. That is why Democratic donors have poured tens of millions into the Haley campaign and why the liberal media came up with ridiculous polls showing faux Republican Nikki Haley to be far ahead of Biden in the polls. That money was wasted.

APT filed a complaint that all of that money going into Montana was never reported, despite the laws that demand accountability.

APT’s complaint says:

“Last Best Place PAC has engaged in significant spending without filing a single 48-hour independent expenditure report as required by the Act. Important information, including the date, amount, and purpose of the expenditure — as well as the identified candidate that the independent expenditure is supporting or opposing — is being unlawfully shielded from the public.”

“Without this reporting, Last Best Place PAC is in violation of the Act, and is failing to meet the legal requirements and basic standards of transparency to which every other independent expenditure committee is required to adhere.”

From The Daily Caller

Last Best Place has spent $5.8 million attacking Montana Republican senate candidate Tim Sheehy with ads such as “Shady Sheehy” and “Sure Is Shady” portraying Sheehy as a wealthy, outsider businessman, The New York Times reported.

There are no 48-hour spending reports listed on Last Best Place’s FEC page. The group’s end-of-2023 report shows it received $2.1 million from Majority Forward from its founding to the end of December 2023. Last Best Place did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Last Best Place PAC is masquerading as a local Montana operation while quietly laundering millions of dollars from DC liberals,” said APT Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland. “Spending massive sums of money to impact this election without filing the legally required reports flies in the face of the letter and spirit of our election laws. This behavior warrants an immediate investigation by the FEC in order to uphold the basic standards of transparency and public trust.”

Sheehy is a political novice and Navy SEAL backed by Republican Senate leadership and Republican Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte. Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, who lost to incumbent Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in 2018, is expected to challenge Sheehy.

Rosendale has until March 11 to file his candidacy.

The FBI will be sure to launch an investigation to determine why the Democrats are guilt free. Welcome to the two-tier law enforcement in this country. All will not be well until ccorrupt Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray are tossed out of their offices and the FBI is disbanded.




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