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Cops Find Kids Trapped In Cages, Beaten In Las Vegas Hotel Room

Las Vegas Metro Police arrested a couple on June 11 after reports that the two had subjected multiple children to harrowing abuse.

33-year-old Amanda Stamper and 31-year-old Travis Doss were apprehended in a Walgreens store near their residence at an extended stay hotel unit, where body camera video showed police discovering two children caged in what appeared to be dog kennels.

The other four children present also showed signs of abuse, aged 11 or under.

According to court documents, Stamper had reported to police that Doss had kicked one of the children in the head and believed them dead, planning to place them in a body bag.

The nine and eleven year old found caged were reported as having difficulty walking upon release, with one allegedly displaying “two black eyes that were swollen shut, multiple marks and bruises all over his body” and claiming he hadn’t eaten for days due to his father beating him with cords and belts.

It is suspected they may not have survived if officers had not intervened immediately. All six children reportedly had “marks from their neck down” according to court documents.

Doss has been indicted on 38 counts of felony child abuse while Stamper faces 7 counts of her own, both are also accused of first-degree kidnapping, sex trafficking and living off the earnings of prostitution.

In an interview with KLAS-TV following her arrest, Stamper claimed she was herself a victim of abuse suffered at the hands of Doss who withheld food as punishment.

She described herself as a stepmother figure for all six kids involved in the case but mentioned there were another two outside this group alongside her biological 2-year old child.

“I just wanted them to be safe in the end, like, and I wanted everybody out of it. I just wanted him incarcerated, I just knew if he was incarcerated that everybody will be safe,” she said.

Stamper also said that there were two other children besides the six involved in the case and that she was pregnant with another child.

Vegas police said it was one of the worst cases of abuse they had ever seen.

Vegas police declared it one worst cases seen by officers yet—a truly heartbreaking scene.




11 Responses

    1. It’s Nevada, a blue state. They’ll receive a slap on the limp wrists and go about their sordid business.

  1. Seems like more and more child abuse cases and pedophilia are being reported since the Communist Democrats have allowed crime to escalate in America.
    Children are innocent and never deserve anything like this and what I have observed before retirement as a Texas Peace Officer.

  2. this is so evil and sicking and to think our goverment allows this to happen to our children we need justice and this will stop

    1. Someone needs to tell the other inmates what these two are in for. THEN we’ll see justice!!!

  3. Yes this monster of a man needs to get life in prison with no parole. In fact he really needs to die for what he did to those poor little kids. That woman is no better for letting him do what he did. Thank God the police found those kids and rescued them. Yes it seems like since the Biden administration has been in office that child murder and child abduction and child trafficking has increased greatly. it is disgusting.

  4. Well, what did authorities think was happening to the tens-of-thousands of children that are (according to credible reports) being sex trafficked in this country? I am guessing that many end up as play toys for high level politicians, judges, corporate moguls, media stars, lawyers and other filthy rich perverts. Please pray for our children.

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