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Corrupt Democratic Mayor of New Orleans is One Step Closer to the Unemployment Line

Recall organizers working to oust LaToya Cantrell from office are now saying they have enough signatures to put her recall to a vote.

She seems to have lost all enthusiasm for the job, but she very much still enjoys the perks. She has traveled quite a bit out of New Orleans, always flying first class and racking up huge bills, not only from flying but on expensive hotels and meals as well.

Fox News reported:

Organizers seeking to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell from office said they collected enough signatures to put the city leader’s second term at risk.

“Right now our mayor doesn’t love New Orleans so the citizens and the residents stood up,” Eileen Carter, vice chair of the No LaToya recall campaign, told Fox News. “We’re taking our city back, and we’re gonna save New Orleans.”

The campaign’s chairman, Belden Baptiste, and Carter launched the recall effort to remove Cantrell from office in August 2022. The organizers handed the petition filled with signatures to the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters office on Wednesday. The Feb. 22 deadline required them to hand in around 50,000 signatures, which the organizers say they exceeded.

“Mayor LaToya, it ain’t that we hate you,” Baptiste told Fox News. “You didn’t do your job, and you’re about to be fired.”

Carter, who worked in the mayor’s social media department for three years, told Fox News it was difficult to watch Cantrell “quiet quit” in her second term. The mayor’s public calendar used to have regular meetings with department heads, but she hadn’t had any on her schedule in over a year as of November, according to a local Fox affiliate’s review of public records.

“It’s like a tale of two mayors,” Carter said. “I don’t think she’s making very good judgment decisions for the city at all, to the point of arrogance.”

Constituents have not been very happy with the way she has spent their tax dollars in pampering herself, while at the same time, doing little to combat the crime and economic troubles that are plaguing the city.

She has the usual elitist traits that most Democrats have. She ordered the entire city to wear face masks, but she went maskless during the mayor’s ball at the same time. She claimed that she had to fly first class because as a Black woman, she needed to be protected. I’m glad I was wearing my boots when explained that.

Let’s hope this is truly goodbye to a very bad mayor.




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  1. Typical devildemocommiecrat, corrupt, self-absorbed, greedy, selfish, and couldn’t care less about citizens!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They all use the job for the perks. Let them ride on the shoe leather express and see how long they stay in office. Their just sucking on the towns titi, for all they can get for free. Scum bags ……..

  3. Typical democrap. Spend other peoples money on themselves and not do the job they were hired for. It called theft by the real name. Lets pass laws that hold up in court. You dont do the job or try to influence things sobyou become rich. Out the door in 12 hours and surrender your ill gotten gain. Or its into the slammer for 25 years to life

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