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Cracker Barrel is Closing the Last of Their Restaurants in the Portland Area

First, it was Walmart and now it is Cracker Barrel. Portland, Oregon will soon be occupied by no one but antifa and the homeless. Mayor Ted Wheeler handed the city over to antifa years ago. The downtown area that used to be bustling is now practically a ghost town, The crime, and the violence is driving half the people out of the city. In fact, the entire state has been wrecked by the liberals living along the coast. The homeless that have taken over several of the residential areas are driving many more into leaving.

Examples of crime and violence abound in Portland:

An 82-year-old died after he was brutally beaten in an unprovoked attack at a Portland bus stop.

The city was embroiled conflict for days after the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling on abortion, smashing windows and vandalizing several buildings.

In April, Antifa terrorists attacked participants of the People’s Convoy from an overpass throwing  paint-filled balloons and rocks onto vehicles along the 205 North.

One woman died and five others were injured in a mass shooting involving Antifa militants at an anti-police protest.

Local businesses have shut their doors because of the violence, crime and theft.

Fox 5 Vegas reports:

Cracker Barrel has permanently closed its remaining restaurants in the Portland area.

A spokesperson for Cracker Barrel confirmed the closure of their Beaverton and Tualatin restaurants on Monday, citing the pandemic.

The popular restaurant chain with a Southern country theme joins Walmart in closing its Portland-area locations.

Earlier this month, the retail giant announced its last two stores within Portland’s city limits would close by the end of the month.

Cracker Barrel is also closing its Bend location, about a 3.5-hour drive from Portland.

“We are saddened that we have been unable to overcome the impact the pandemic had on our business and have made the difficult decision to close the Beaverton, Tualatin and Bend locations,” a Cracker Barrel spokesperson said.

Last summer, Cracker Barrel permanently closed its restaurant on Hayden Island citing similar reasons.

“The decision to close a store is never one we take lightly, and our focus right now is on assisting our impacted employees during this transition. We extend our sincere thanks to our employees who worked so hard and to our guests,” the spokesperson said.

Cracker Barrel is a very popular restaurant, especially at breakfast time. And once you finish your meal, you can walk around their country store and buy just about anything you can find anywhere else. That is the beauty of living in a red state as I do in South Carolina. Crime is not tolerated here and our Walmarts and Cracker Barrels are here to stay.




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  1. Good for them God bless Cracker Barrel & Walmart who needs Portland they will be fine with out there stores in that area,

  2. Portland will become a wasteland it they continue their present political negligence and Antifa needs to be declared a terrorist organization and shut down permanently whatever it takes! I will not drive anywhere near Portland or Oregon for that matter due to the crime and violence exhibited with no penalties.

    1. Well according the Dems and the MSM, Portland is like the BLM violence looting and arson – “mostly peaceful.”

  3. i wouldn’t want to even drive thru oregon or washington and don’t get me started on california. i would be afraid of getting a leftist commie democrook rash. LGB!!

  4. With all that is going on in Portland it makes you wonder why the citizens would vote the democrats back into power. They have completely destroyed the city, run off major business;s and destroyed the lives of the people. Why would they vote for that. It sounds like there might be something wrong with the way they read the votes there.

  5. I am glad they do. Any business needs safe environment to survive. And the shi.hole that became of Portland is not this environment.

  6. Used to like Cracker Barrel but will no longer patronize. They are getting just what they asked for. Cracker Barrel is one of the primary sponsors of the largest LGBTQ+ conference ever to be held in the entire world. It will be at none other than Disneyworld in September 2023 and again in 2024. Just the place where I want to take young kids.

  7. Let the city become like all the rotted blue city dens havens of hell, ghost cities devoid of the good life and nothing but filth, gangs and death and destruction. Something like the movies “Escape from New York and Escape from LA!

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