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Crime May Not Pay But Rioting in Philadelphia Sure Does

During the riots in Philadelphia after the death of drug addict, George Floyd, the people threw rocks at police, broke store windows, and assaulted innocent people. In order to get them to stop the Philly police shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the rioters. Now, the city, in its infinite wisdom has decided that the rioters should receive reparations for being criminals. Philadelphia will dole out  $9.25 million to about 200 rioters. That comes out to $46,000 each on average.

NBC 10:

On Sunday in Philadelphia, at least 91 people were arrested for code violations, one person for assault on police, one person for propulsion of missiles, one person for rioting, one person for vandalism and 43 people for looting and burglary.

A citywide curfew went into effect at 6 p.m., with SEPTA shutting down all services.

In West Philadelphia Sunday, people broke the windshields of various police vehicles, setting one on fire near the intersection of 52nd and Market streets. Firefighters also responded to a building fire near 52nd and Walnut streets, the same area where stores were looted, including a Foot Locker.

Basically, this payout sends a message to rioters that they have a legal right to vandalize, loot, but buildings and cars, and assault innocent people. That same message will be understood by the police who do not wish to be charged with a crime by the Soro-backed DA.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

The lawsuits focused on two incidents: the mass teargassing of protesters on I-676 on June 1, 2020, and the police use of military-style weaponry on demonstrators and neighborhood residents while attempting to curb looting and violence along the 52nd Street corridor in West Philadelphia, a historically Black neighborhood.

Plaintiffs described rashes, pain, and difficulty breathing due to exposure to the noxious chemicals, with some requiring hospitalization and many others suffering mental trauma.

From PJ Media

This has nothing to do with the George Floyd riots that convulsed the city on May 31-June 1 in 2020. This is apparently a downpayment on slavery reparations, according to Mayor Jim Kenney.

“While this is just one step in the direction toward reconciliation, we hope this settlement will provide some healing from the harm experienced by people in their neighborhoods in West Philadelphia and during demonstrations on I-676 in 2020,” Kenney said.

Philadelphia has Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who is far more concerned about “First Amendment Rights” than in protecting persons and property.

“Along with city, state, and community stakeholders, we will continue to work non-stop towards improving what we as police do to protect the first amendment rights of protesters, keep our communities and officers safe, and to ultimately prove that we are committed to a higher standard,” the commissioner said.

Nine million dollars for a rash? Incredible.

This wasn’t police wading into crowds of protesters swinging nightsticks. And it’s not like the protesters weren’t warned they were going to be teargassed and dispersed. If they didn’t want to be teargassed, why didn’t they leave?

At least five police officers were injured on May 31, 2020, after being struck by rocks, bricks, and Molotov cocktails. Why have police respond to a riot at all if no one is going to back their actions against those who can’t protest peacefully?






13 Responses

  1. Absolutely disgusting Of course all backed by George Soros with the liberal democrat DA’S

  2. They continue to prove the old adage of stupid is as stupid does. Floyd committed suicide by swallowing his illegal drugs while refusing to get into the police car. AS far as Philly is concerned I grew up in Pa and it was always known as a trash city.

    1. That’s SAINT George Floyd! Unfortunately there are Four Good Cops rotting in prison for this Insane Travesty of Justice. By the way, These Criminals in Philly and other cities, like to RIOT for any reason that gives them an EXCUSE for Stealing Stuff, Destroying Private Property and sometimes Murdering Innocent People. The City of Brotherly HATE, like most Cities Infected by Democrats, quickly turns into a Nightmare! Think Chicago, L.A, Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, St. Louis etc, etc, etc, Solution: Get Rid of the Democrat Party.

      1. I don’t know what happened to the Democrat party. Was Pelosi the instigator. She could lie and cheat with the best of them. So why not put the blame on her along with her boss – creepy Biden. Prior to 2020 did anyone ever hear of Pelosi? No. She was at his go to gal to destroy our country as we know it. Also, learned from Biden how to get rich by insider trading. Think about it. It was her Master Plan to get rid of Trump on Jan 6. What they told the public was totally different than what actually happened. Now, I understand that she’s hitting the bottle. Trying to drown her woes.

  3. Reparations’ for people that broke the law – unbelievable. There clowns are not owed anything except time in jail.

  4. The title should be crime pays if you are black as those that have rioted thru the decades were never charged with anything.

  5. Police doing their jobs and penalized. Why were they hired if they are unable to enforce the law? Who would want to be a cop with all the restrictions and improbable arrests?

    1. The chain of command goes like this: The mayor elects the Police Commissioner who elects the Police Chief who gives the orders from the Mayor. There have been democrats mayors for decades. Even the one time republican was a RINO democrat. Furthermore, many jobs in Philadelphia have been taken by illegal migrants, at low pay but subsidized by the government, to the point they take home more money than legal citizens who do (or used to do!) the same job. In fact, most construction jobs, both city and private, are done by illegal migrants. Needless to say, there have been many accidents on sites – partially constructed buildings falling down for one example. And its the city where heavily armed with high power guns Black Panthers group were at the polling polls! Philadelphia is all about that dreaded “diversity” inclusion that excludes everybody who isn’t a minority (yet!) And Philadelphia taxes EVERYTHING, including soft drinks that raised the price of a bottle of Sweet Tea from $3 to $5.50, and cigarettes from $4 a pack to $12 a pack, and it has the second highest property taxes in the country. But Philadelphia does treat its poor very well. It has free pools (most of them open only in the hoods), lots of senior benefits, and school lunches for the kids. So, Philadelphia is just like Congress!

    2. Check the census…a lot of police officers are leaving the rioting cities. We have a lot moving to Florida. Our streets are safe. Here they are praised for what they do and DeSantis awards them. They are awarded for the job they do. Criminals are not.

  6. It’s a democrat-controlled city and democrats award criminals and punish their victims. Nothing for the white victims these thugs assaulted, obviously. Next time, we’ll join them Could use the money – to pay the second highest taxes in the nation.

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