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Cybersecurity Expert Confirms SQL Software on Voting Machines and Manipulation of Votes on Dominion Machines

In 2020 Democrats warned of the ability to cheat using the voting machines offered by Dominion and machines that are equipped with SQL software.

After President Trump set a new record for votes for a sitting president there were multiple late-night vote drops in swing states and in the end, they claimed Joe Biden received 81 million votes.

They must have used the same counting method used in the Million Man March and the announcement of Biden’s tally should have begun with, “Once upon a time.”

Last week, cybersecurity expert Mark Cook proved how machines with SQL and Dominion voting machines could be manipulated to switch votes and add votes in order to undermine an election.

Moreover, he proved how this could be done without leaving a trace of the manipulation. On the Conservative Daily Podcast, Cook used an exact copy of the Dominion Voting software that was used in Mesa County, Colorado. He used that demonstration to prove two ways the election could be “fixed” in favor of Democrats.

The first issue demonstrated is that there is software that can manipulate the database used in elections using the SQL system which is not certified to be used in elections.

From The Gateway Pundit


After the forensic examination of 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim, Co. MI, Allied Security Operations Group has concluded that the Dominion Voting machines were assigned a 68.05% error rate.

DePerno explained that when ballots are put through the machine, a whopping 68.05% error rate means that 68.05% of the ballots are sent for bulk adjudication, which means they collect the ballots in a folder. “The ballots are sent somewhere where people in another location can change the vote,” DePerno explained.

From The Gateway Pundit

This software allows back-end access that bypasses any security and logging/tracking features that would and should exist in the application software itself.

In last week’s demonstration, Cook only had to click on the software from the Start Menu of the Windows operating system, click the Connect button, then was allowed access to the voting system database without having to enter any special password.  After a few more clicks and four key presses on the keyboard, Cook was able to flip the results of an election.

The second critical issue demonstrated is the existence of a second back-door program, a single file hidden among the over 416,000 files on the server. This program allows direct manipulation of the voting system database also in an un-traceable manner. Further, it allows anyone to execute SQL statements, stored procedures, and script files of their choosing. To demonstrate another critical issue, Cook shows how simply just plugging in a pre-programmed USB stick could leverage this utility to alter the results in the SQL database contained on the Election Management System. This software was also not on the listed among the software that was tested and certified.

According to Cook, neither piece of software has any business on any election system.

Below are two demonstrations Cook performed on the Conservative Daily Podcast.  In the first example, Cook is able to insert the USB stick.  You then seen a command prompt appear and run the script to manipulate the database.  Cook said that he deliberately made this visible and slowed it down so we could see first hand how it works.  Easy as that.  Plug and play:



In the second demonstration below, Cook uses a smartphone to manipulate the database with relative ease.  He states that he didn’t even put a password in to access the management software.

“Every part of this process, I’m expecting it to stop me.  I’m shocked every time I’m able to get further and further into this thinking ‘how on earth did someone set up a system that is this insecure?  That the citizens think it’s actually secure.  And the election officials are sitting there telling their friends and family and their citizens that they represent that the systems are secure when they are lying without even knowing it.”

And Democrats insist this was the most secure election in history. Russian history perhaps but not in American history.





22 Responses

  1. We know that Dems cheated big time in 2020. It’s a conspiracy theory that is absolutely true just like the so many others like the Chinese lab gain of function research was funded by Fauci and NIH, manipulation of Covid-19 took place in Wuhan at WIV, many people have suffered side effects from the jab, many covered up all of these facts. And this is just Covid-19 theories that were labeled as false until proven true. Others: Hunter’s laptop is all true and verified. President Trump did not “collude” with the Russians. Illegal aliens are invading the U.S. Where does it end?

  2. i know the 2020 election was a fraud by the use of dominion voting machines, no way biden gets 81 million votes hiding in basement and trump has huge rallys. went to bed @ 3am & certain trump was well on his way to a win, woke up at 9am and biden had overtaken trump with millions of votes and not one vote cfair & honest elections are over in usa, look @ nyc da indicting trump on basically no charge,this should never happen and should not stand up. trump 2024, save america or she will be destroyed by the liberal marxists,masses will be under total dictatorship and one party rule.

  3. Where is Mitch McConnell and all the other Republicans who are supposed to support me……….the voter?
    They are missing in action………….for the last two decades.
    Republicans are the PROBLEM!

  4. Paid for by the Demonrat party. When are they and Dominion going to be held accountable???

  5. I thought it was already found out that dominion was actually owned by the US Government? Republicans should be demanding every machine be checked in this manner on the floor of Congress and investigate if they can even find out some of the people involved so they can go to prison for life or be executed. In any case not a single machine should be allowed to be used in any election no matter what they find.

  6. NO MORE MACHINES, let’s get back to the old ways, HAND COUNTING, no mail-in ballots, no more saying it is ok to be late 4 or a week or a month from election DATE…F U demon dems

  7. I’ve been reading about this for years! Why is there no legal avenue for this information to be put into evidence? Is our system so corrupt that not one honest court can hear this evidence?

  8. Will the judge allow this info in the FOX news trial? Or will he ignore it like the other info and proof!

  9. Stick to paper ballots and human judge vote counters from both/all parties. Yeah voting could be rigged like done in Chicago in the 60’s and past but I think it’s easier to rig voting with “machines” with reprogramming. The Republicans should give up on the last election and look forward to the next and make darned sure we can eliminate “rigging” as much as possible.

  10. Too bad our DOJ, Judges etc. are corrupted, many of the lawsuits that were brought early on would have shown much of this but were dismissed “without standing” or some other technical way to weasel out of correcting the 2020 election.

  11. Some still pushing outright lies. When everyone who has anything to do with how voting machines are set up and built knows all the electronics is enclosed in a faraday cage where no signals of any kind can get out or into that cage, and no voting machine is hooked to anything but a 110 volt power source.
    The machines actually print out a ballot which is put back up for you to see so if you want to change your vote you can in case you hit the wrong button accidentally. then after you have approved that ballot, it goes into a secure locked box which is not opened until the end of the voting day, when the votes are hand counted to make sure the same number of ballots are in the box that the machine says voted. Then those ballots are sealed to transport to the counting center, with a copy of the paper work about the number of ballots in the box, and every political party gets a copy of that as well.

  12. Ask FoxNews what they think. Settled the Dominion slander suit for $740 million give or take a few million.

  13. We all know dominion cheated during the election. When is anybody going to go to jail for it. The Democrats mantra is cheat to win whatever it takes to win. Somebody pull the flush handle and flush these dishonest people away.

  14. And yet Fox just paid out the highest amount of money to Dominion in a slander suit. They didn’t even fight it they caved and paid. Why? I hope the My Pillow slander suit uses this information or should I say if the judge allows it to be entered in court ( I mean Kangaroo Court). Without a court win voting is like insanity you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

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