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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Will Switch Affiliation to Republican Party “America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has announced his departure from the Democratic Party, declaring that “America’s cities need Republicans” and he is ready to join their ranks.

This move comes at a time when Democrats face significant losses in major cities across the country. Johnson states that he believes his new party will be better able to address issues such as public safety, infrastructure, and economic prosperity for all citizens.

He firmly believes that these issues are best served by Republican policies and ideas.

Johnson received  98.7% of the vote in his re-election campaign this year and, though he affirms he has no intention of changing his approach, he will change his party affiliation stating:

“Next spring, I will be voting in the Republican primary. When my career in elected office ends in 2027 on the inauguration of my successor as mayor, I will leave office as a Republican.”

Further, Johnson explainsed:

“The future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism. Our cities desperately need the genuine commitment to these principles (as opposed to the inconsistent, poll-driven commitment of many Democrats) that has long been a defining characteristic of the GOP.”

With that in mind, Johnson continued:

In other words, American cities need Republicans—and Republicans need American cities. When my political hero Theodore Roosevelt was born, only 20% of Americans lived in urban areas. By the time he was elected president, that share had doubled to 40%. Today, it stands at 80%. As America’s cities go, so goes America.

Unfortunately, many of our cities are in disarray. Mayors and other local elected officials have failed to make public safety a priority or to exercise fiscal restraint. Most of these local leaders are proud Democrats who view cities as laboratories for liberalism rather than as havens for opportunity and free enterprise.

Too often, local tax dollars are spent on policies that exacerbate homelessness, coddle criminals and make it harder for ordinary people to make a living. And too many local Democrats insist on virtue signaling—proposing half-baked government programs that aim to solve every single societal ill—and on finding new ways to thumb their noses at Republicans at the state or federal level. Enough. This makes for good headlines, but not for safer, stronger, more vibrant cities.

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson for the obviously hard but necessary change from the evil party which was once a great party, to the one of santiy now.

  2. What cities need are conservative Republicans. Switching parties does not make him a conservative Republican, more likely a RINO. He’s been the mayor of Dallas for a while so has a track record. If it’s not one of being a conservative, don’t trust him because the only thing he’s changed is party affiliation. Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan and other House leaders are registered Republicans too, but are fully on board with Democrats to the point you can’t tell them apart.

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