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DC Police Officer Byron Evans Who Sued Republicans Under KKK Act for Racist Attacks on Jan. 6 Now Admits He Was Watching TV

Another bogus charge from January 6th is revealed to be a lie as police officer Byron Evans has admitted that he was watching the protest from a sealed room in the Capitol.

Evans sued Brandon Straka under the KKK Act for “racist” attacks on him and seven other police officers on January 6, 2021. Evans also sued Roger Stone. Roger Stone was never at the Capitol that day and wasn’t in DC during the Capitol protests. Will Evans pay a price?

Are you kidding? If Officer Byrd can shoot a woman and a female officer can mercilessly beat Roseanne Boyland as she was dying without repercussions, what do you think his odds of feeling the consequences of his actions are?

Unless someone can prove he is a registered Republican, he is home free. Brandon Straka released video on Wednesday of Officer Byron Evans admitting he was watching the January 6 protests on a TV in a room in a secure location.

CNN let the cat out of the bag:

CNN reporter: Did you ever think this might be a life or death situation for you?

Officer Byron Evans: I remember specifically thinking it when I was on the floor. I remember thinking all that stuff. Like, Byron, this is the day. All those times you’ve given thought on what you would do. You’re doing it.

CNN hack: 4 hours. Evans and the senators watched the riot on tv from a secured location.

Officer Byron Evans: I just remember the anger I felt when I saw those images. Busting windows, climbing the walls and stuff like that. It was an audible gasp in the room.

Here is the video:

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is what he originally told CNN:

Several hundred feet away that same day, US Capitol Police Officer Byron Evans was inside the locked Senate chamber with 100 senators and Vice President Mike Pence, hand on his weapon and mentally preparing for a life-or-death situation to come through the doors.

CNN spoke to Evans in an interview arranged by US Capitol Police after CNN had requested to speak to officers who had been on the ground January 6. Gonell spoke to CNN in his personal capacity and did not represent the department.

The repercussions of the January 6 insurrection continue to ripple across Washington, as congressional Democrats and Republicans bitterly battle over what more should be done to investigate the circumstances leading up to the insurrection and the security failures that day. Republicans blocked the formation of an independent commission last week. For many Capitol Police officers, the attempts by some Republicans to whitewash the January 6 attack have stung, exposing a fractured relationship between the officers and the lawmakers they protect.

Especially after the mother and girlfriend of fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick embarked on a last-minute lobbying campaign to try to convince GOP senators to support the commission, many officers were left deeply disappointed after the bill failed to pass.





4 Responses

  1. Both democrats and Republicans are cowards. They lied to the American people! The cops let in the people. FBI had alot of uncover agents in the crowd. They pushed and yelled at the people to go into the capital. Nancy Pelosi planned the whole thing. The judges using the courts to destroy the people for big payoffs. Biden is the biggest traitor of America along with Obama who both should be arrested and charge with treason. Alot of Americans should be stripped of their of their citizenship for being stupid, unamerican unmoral evil liars. Congress has become useless to the America. Thank Lindsey Graham for letting Garland into the DOJ. Graham has voted for everything the democrats put out there. He is no Republican. A traitor to the party.This DC cop should be charged with murder. He is nothing but a liar and a slave on the democrat’s plantation. Disgrace to the uniform he wears.

  2. C’mon man! He is a good Democrat, where lying is a rèsumè enhancement and Fantasy is a way of life.

  3. I feel for the Capital police that committed suicide because they knew the truth of all that took place that day and knew who caused it all but couldn’t talk. They just couldn’t live with that or maybe they were killed like some of Clinton’s associates that had goods on her. They disappeared or supposedly committed suicide too.
    There’s a lot of evil in our government and it’s very sad these people have sold their souls to the highest bidder.
    J6 was definitely a set up and the real people that are the leaders in all of it need to get what’s coming.

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