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Democrat Lawmakers Made Threats Against Colleague for Backing Bipartisan Ban on Gender Surgery for Minors

There is one thing you can say about Democrats, but I avoid saying what it is with women and children present. They love to make physical threats even to one of their own and then accuse conservatives of being violent.

It has worked for them for many years but people are catching on quickly now. In NH, Democrats have been threatening 20 year old lawmaker Democrat Jonah Wheeler both physically and verbally because he does not believe that young kids should have irreversible trans surgery.

Here is the hypocrisy as I see it. Democrats say a 20 year old is not mature enough to handle a gun, but an eight year old is mature enough to decide on whether they should get trans surgery that they could regret later in life.

It is all relative. For instance, Joe Biden at 81 cannot even decide what socks to wear or how to find his way off a stage. The measure, which passed with a 188-175 vote, also bans doctors from recommending out-of-state facilities to minors or their families.

Democrat Jonah Wheeler, who broke away from his party to vote yes on this bill, said:

“This is not a question of whether you’re with the trans community. It’s a question of whether or not you believe children should be able to get these irreversible surgeries.”

From Citizen Free Press, first reported by NH Journal:

State Rep. Jonah Wheeler (D-Peterborough) wanted his fellow progressives to know why he was joining a bipartisan majority to support a ban on sex-change surgery for minors. So when HB619 came to the House floor, he delivered a speech that the bill’s supporters described as “brave” and “thoughtful” but left many Democrats outraged.

“The question before us is whether or not children under the age of 18 should be able to get these surgeries. And despite being a liberal who believes in [trans] rights, I don’t think that is the case.” Wheeler told his fellow House members. “These are irreversible surgeries. This is not a question of whether you’re with the trans community. It’s a question of whether or not you believe children should be able to get these irreversible surgeries.

From The Gateway Pundit

After making this seemingly sensible but apparently controversial vote, Rep. Wheeler was reportedly “besieged by outraged progressives.”

GOP State Rep. Tom Mannion said, “When Jonah went to the anteroom, a bunch of Democrats were aggressively confronting him, saying he owed an apology to [transgender] members. He didn’t back down. I heard him say, ‘This is called “legislating.”‘ And they said he should go in the other room and hang out with Republicans if he wasn’t going to toe the line.”

Later in the day, the threats and harassment got so bad for Wheeler that State House police were notified.

Following this, Wheeler was reportedly reseated from the middle to the back row of his caucus on the floor for his safety.

NH Journal reports,

Wilhelm declined to respond to questions about Thursday’s events. But multiple sources confirmed the lunchtime bull session didn’t work. Instead, there were so many threats made against Wheeler by his fellow Democrats that State House security stepped in.

According to those sources, members of the House Sergeants-at-Arms overheard comments that concerned them so much that they reached out to the State House Security Unit of the State Police.





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  1. This young Representative will not last long in Liberal politics if he does not get back in line with the rest of the communist. He will find himself battling a huge money machine that will take him down next election cycle. That’s how the Democrats work. Either follow the communist manifesto or they will be rid of you.

  2. Naturally they are mad stopping the MUTILATION of children and other DENIERS of REALITY costs Democraps votes and that is all they care about. Votes give Democraps power and money they care for NOTHING ELSE.

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