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Democrat Rep Robert Garcia Plans To Take Oath On Superman Comic Book

It’s official: Robert Garcia is the new representative for California’s 42nd congressional district. And he did it all with a little help from his friends in the comic book world.

That’s right, instead of taking the oath of office on the Bible, Garcia decided to go with a different sacred text: a copy of Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman.

“I wanted to make sure that people understood that I am committed to fighting for truth, justice, and the American way,” Garcia said in a statement. “Superman has always been my favorite superhero, and I think his values are ones that we should all aspire to.”

Journalist Matt Laslo broke the news in a tweet by sharing a photo of a vintage superman comic book with the caption “a member of the House of Representatives is taking their oath on a classic Superman comic book”

Garcia tweeted out “Will be proudly sworn-in to Congress on the U.S. Constitution. Underneath the Constitution will be 3 items that mean a lot to me personally. A photo of my parents who I lost to covid, my citizenship certificate & an original Superman #1 from the Library of Congress”.

Garcia isn’t the first politician to take an unconventional approach to swear in. In 2013, Texas state senator Wendy Davis took her oath of office on a copy of the U.S. Constitution. And in 2017, Representative Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona was sworn in using both a Bible and the Constitution.

But while some might see Garcia’s choice as a simple act of symbolism, others believe it underscores a larger problem with the Democratic Party: its supposed godlessness.

“The fact that Garcia would rather put his hand on a comic book than on a Bible shows just how far removed from traditional values the Democratic Party has become,” wrote one commentator on Fox News’ website. “If they don’t believe in God, what do they stand for?”

Another conservative website described Garcia as “the latest example of how liberals are spitting in the face of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.”

But not everyone sees it that way. Some have praised Garcia for his decision, arguing that it is more inclusive than swearing on the Bible alone. After all, not everyone believes in Christianity – but almost everyone can appreciate Superman.

“This is what America is supposed to be about – inclusion and respect for all beliefs,” wrote one supporter on Twitter. “Well done, Representative Garcia!”




12 Responses

  1. Sounds just about right these days.With a Clown show in DC filled with ineligible clowns and California mutating to a Clown show with homeless and criminals plus thie beloved Illegals and noone respecting the Constitution and the country.This clown got it right,this is how Democrats treat the Law of the Land .

  2. What’s the difference, a comic book or another made-up story book, except that the latter has more scary, fantasy stories not meant for children but for grown-ups easily fooled.

  3. Why does he want to espouse justice, truth and the American way? He’s a Democrat for crying out loud.

  4. This is ironic. “Superman” has gone woke, you can’t say “the American way” any more unless it’s to demean it. The comic is beneath the copy of the Constitution (I thought people got sworn in on a bible?) , as a personal idea with pics of his folks and his citizenship certificate. Well, good luck to the Congressman. But his understanding of who Superman is is a little out of date, he’s not “cool” at all.

  5. It just warms my heart to see what a LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY American he is !!!!!!!
    And THEN, “THEY” can’t understand why real Americans DO NOT TRUST THIS TRASH !!!!

  6. That tells a lot about the condition of California.. from the tweets, it’s amazing that theses idiots will believe a comic book but reject the Bible…

  7. So long as he’s using the Constitution, to which he is swearing his oath, he is not required to use a Bible, & what he says about Superman, at least back in the day, was a symbol of American values.

  8. Because, as an illegal democrat, he KNOWS he won’t swear to uphold our Constitution and couldn’t serve with honor to save his soul!. HE should be arrested for what Jan 6 Trump supporters were falsely accused of – “Interference with a fundamental element of our democracy” according to corrupt AG Garland.

  9. All the Sexually Confused Democrats, still living with mommy and da da, will love this idiot.

  10. Maybe someone should take that Comic Book and shove it down his Throat or some other orifice in his body?
    Now, THAT would be funny!

  11. What a crock of BS .I’d never vote for a fool that couldn’t put his hand on a Bible. Nut job is what you Demorats voted for.

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