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Democrats Are Now Referring To Protecting Children As ‘Parental Crap’

During Terry McAuliffe’s humiliating defeat to Glenn Youngkin, he stated:

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” 

It was like waving a red flag at a bull and voters made him pay a harsh price for discounting parents and their right to decide what is best for their children.

It is now two years later and Sen. Monty Mason (D-Williamsburg) was captured making “hot mic” comments regarding bills pending in the Virginia Legislature. Mason said that a bill (SB 1515) requiring creators of adult sexual content to verify users’ identities was “parental garbage.”

Parents in Virginia are sure to find fault with Maso1n and he will have to find a new way to groom children. Most parents do not think their children should have access to pornographic content.

They especially don’t want them to have access to perverted pornographic books.

While SB 1515 thankfully passed the Legislature—Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed it into law earlier this month, but it did not include an added protection that he wanted, which is that minors could not set up a social media account without their parent’s permission.

From The Daily Caller

Youngkin’s amendment would have required that parents give their consent before children set up social media accounts or use websites that collect, and potentially sell, user data. Here again, this proposal represents a common-sense way to ensure parents have input into their children’s online habits, particularly given the way in which social media have worsened children’s mental health in some instances.

But to Sen. Mason, this reasonable way to protect Virginia children was nothing more than “all a part of this parental crap that [Republicans are] selling.” At that point, Rep. Shelly Simonds (D-Newport News) agreed, chiming in that Democrats “have to keep the Senate…because the House is in the hands of the Republicans, and they can push through all kinds of stupid things. We rely on the Senate to kill it all.

While the pornography industry, or Big Tech companies intent on addicting children to their harmful websites, might appreciate the comments from Sen. Mason and Rep. Simonds, ordinary Virginia parents should not. We all recognize the many potential harms that children face every time they go online, from sexual imagery and violence to online bullying and body image concerns.

Particularly after teachers’ unions kept schools locked down for months on end during the pandemic, youth across the Commonwealth and across the country face countless mental health challenges. The bill that the Legislature passed, and Gov. Youngkin’s amendment that did not, would give parents some modest yet reasonable tools to try to protect their children in an increasingly troubled world.

For Sen. Mason and Rep. Simonds to attack these sensible proposals as “parental crap” and “garbage” doesn’t just insult the rights of parents across Virginia. It also belittles the very real concerns Virginia children face, and the way in which constructive parental involvement can mitigate the effects of the seedier aspects of our culture—and in the best case scenario, prevent mental health problems from spiraling out of control.

To put it bluntly, parents don’t just deserve better than the patronizing attitude of Sen. Mason and Rep. Simonds. My two daughters, and children across the Commonwealth, also deserve better—they need lawmakers who will look out for their interests, rather than spending time focused on petty politics and childish insults.




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  1. It’s actually Demonrats who are parental crap….as usual. Parents have every right to know what’s being taught. YOU don’t rule parents….you work for them you arrogant snots.

  2. I don’t think the federal government should be telling schools what to teach!! And parents must be concerned and involved in what their children are being taught in school. Children go to school to get an education to learn to read, write, count, etc. They do not go to school to be indoctrinated in government approved political or social propaganda. Education in the United States has been on a downward spiral ever since the Department of Education was established during the Carter administration. The Constitution does not grant the federal government any responsibility nor authority for public education. Amendment X of the Constitution specifies: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. Responsibility for public education belongs to the people to be administered by school boards answerable to the parents and supported by the several States respectively.

    1. The Democrats are flushing our educational system and the future of our children down the toilet.

    2. Sadly, it’s not the federal behemoth that’s actively opposing parental involvement and control of their children. It’s the state and local school boards that have been captured by leftists.

    3. You are so right SHRW. Education is delivered on the local level through the school districts. What is taught should be decided on the local level. There is no reason for the existance of a federal education department. Additionally, the federal ed funds are a big deal in large cities because it’s multi-millions of dollars. But not such a big deal in a smaller city. In a medium size city it breaks down to raising property taxes by around $5.00 per year per single family home if the federal money was gone as I understand it.

  3. Time to start playing dirty and do what democrats do. These 2 elected officials that are pushing pornography, the parents should start on social media calling these 2 twits porn king and queen and pedophile pushers, groomers and anything else to disparage them. It would not be hard to believe when one can accurately quote what they have said in public. Then let them try to defend it.

  4. how dare you say that is parental crap, MF? WE HAVE A RIGHT AS PARENTS TO KNOW WHAT OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING TAUGHT, we don’t WANT that crap is our schools…you just belittled every parent out there to protecting their kids

  5. Nothing to see here…he’s just another WOKE, liberal, immoral, Democrat moron.

  6. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Say WHAT?

    Nothing to see here…

  7. “The Rocco Stucci Show” is just as bad as all the other sites, only posting what they agree with.

    1. Based on your attitude, your comment probably should have been moderated.
      Note: EVERY comment is awaiting moderation when first submitted here.

  8. I do have to agree with the above. DOE seems to have used the Federal Government’s resources of money allocation to either withhold or grant more for either not cooperating with them or cooperating with their desires. Kind of the carrot on a stick held out in front of them. This is wrong in my opinion, if I am still allowed to have one. Perhaps the DOE needs to be vacated and a return to the education control to the States and counties as it was before Carter. It appears that the Education results have declined ever since that Department was established and America is falling behind the rest of the world. We were once leaders, now I am not sure what we are but a bunch of aimless and lost souls.

  9. AAAAHHHHhahahahahahahahahahahah, choke, cough, gag, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  10. So “thank you” Jimmy Carter. Not only has public education become the engine to brainwash our children into a totalitarian form of government, but it’s also resulted in the watering down of education in general. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that education is in decline!

  11. Parents for far too long allowed the Reprobates to take charge – THANK CARTER who provided the DEPT of EDUCATION and along with it they embraced the reprobate teachings of Kinsey who got his facts from Criminals and sex offenders in Prison. He was disgraced but like all things poison they took it from paper to application and implementation

  12. When we had REAL “public education” the parents hired the teachers and, if they were not satisfied with the curriculum, FIRED the teacher.

  13. I think that you people in Congress stop fighting about your dislike of each other and start concerning yourselves with regard to the people that pay your exorbitant salary, I remember one of your colleagues said it is not possible to live on $175,000 a year that is crap. Not parents wanting to have the say on their children.

  14. Yup, lucifer’s dimmercraps, bent on the destruction of our Republic.
    Hard to believe most of the sheeple in their districts “think” like them, gotta be the voting machines.

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