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Democrats are Sweating Bullets Over the Release of the 41,000 Hours of J6 Video

The Democrats were hoping against hope that they would maintain control of the House so that they could keep the videos hidden from the public.

Now, they are staring reality square in the face and their knees are getting weak. They have been able to control the J6 narrative, but now that Tucker Carlson has his hands on them, they know the truth will come out and the truth is the only thing Democrats truly fear.

The slight shift in the balance of power on Capitol Hill has certainly spiced up a few news cycles since last month. Kevin McCarthy continues to surprise and we hope he continues to think and act that way.

If he does, he could control the gavel for many years to come. If he fails to do so, he could be a one-term Speaker of the House.

Kevin covered it for us:

Axios is reporting that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has granted Fox News’s Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol videotape from Jan. 6, 2021, (aka J6).

Tucker has long questioned whether J6 was an actual insurrection. The FBI stated in August 2021 they found little evidence that the crowd tried to topple the United States. A Harvard University survey released in August 2022 said the same thing.

Democrats have fought to keep the tapes under wraps. That is understandable, as it’s hard to cry “insurrection” when looking at videos of Capitol police letting protesters in the doors and fist-bumping them as they wander by, snapping selfies.

There is a ton of footage to go through and if they try to fast-forward some of that, they could miss some very important evidence.

What I believe Carlson will do is release videos as soon as he has something to show, such as police allowing protesters inside the Capitol and giving them high 5s as a show of support, which is actually a setup.

From PJ Media

That’s quite a lot of footage, isn’t it? It’s a wonder that it hasn’t been available in its entirety, given the Democrats’ alleged desire to get to the truth about what happened on their High Holy Day in 2021.

Gosh, it’s almost as if they’re hiding something.

The fact that McCarthy gave the footage to Tucker Carlson adds a layer of deliciousness to this that would have been hard to script. Tucker is now the number one Fox News Channel monster under the bed for the Democrats, having long ago replaced Sean Hannity in the role. He not only continually badgers them for being awful, but he also has a lot of fun doing it. It’s like he’s a partying frat boy who delights in pranking them.

It was a great move by McCarthy, and many buttons have been pushed. The chairman of the J6 Kangaroo Court Committee is obviously not amused:

I’m sure that by “used irresponsibly,” Thompson really means “used to show that all of us who call it an insurrection have been making everything up.” This is the man, after all, who oversaw the J6 committee’s careful curation of witnesses and brought forth only people who would confirm the narrative. The committee also only released surveillance footage that would do the same.

Our sister site Twitchy covered some of the reactions to chief Democratic hoax monger Adam Schiff’s reaction:

It’s a pretty safe bet that if Schiff is preemptively spinning this, then whatever hasn’t been shown to the public doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

Schiff and the other J6 false narrative pimps are likely sweating the fact that there is nothing in the tens of thousands of hours of footage that’s been kept from the public that will back up the Democrats’ claims of an insurrection. Because there wasn’t one. The public has been told for over two years now that the United States government was in danger of being overthrown by a handful of people led by a drunk dude wearing a novelty hat with horns on it.

The only people who believe that there was an insurrection are those who don’t know what the definition of the word “insurrection” is.





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    1. Now that the truth is out, those who broke the law such as Police etc should take the place in the cells of the current occupants that where illegally detained.

  1. Can somebody, ANYBODY explain to me why every person that was railroaded by the so called Jan6 inquisition is still in PRISON ????? The Facts have NOW come to light and their sentences ARE ILLEGAL !!!!! They must be released, immediately and EVERY PROSECUTOR AND JUDGE that was involved in their ILLEGAL INCARCERATION MUST be brought to JUSTICE for their ILLEGAL ACTIONS !!!! Nothing short of PRISON TERMS for EVERY ONE of them will be acceptable !!!!! LOCK THE LIBERAL CRIMINALS UP !!!!! NOW !!!!!!

    1. You are so right, its urgent that all those illegally held prisoners get out of jail, and get compensation from the State for illegally arrested without any valid reasons.

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