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Dems TURN On Traitor Joe Over Documents Scandal, Signal They Might Agree To Impeach

Top Senate Democrats, including Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Joe Manchin, have slammed Biden over his mishandling of classified documents.

Since the news broke that multiple stashes of classified documents from his time as Vice President and the Senate were found in his Delaware home, Biden has remained unapologetic, telling reporters that he has “no regrets.”

Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, Durbin, the second highest ranking Democrat member of the Senate, said that it was simply “unacceptable” to think that classified documents could have “ended up in boxes or storage.”

Last year, Durbin claimed it was a “literal outrage” for 45th President Donald Trump to have taken “classified” information and stored it in his Mar-a-Lago home. While Durbin claimed that what “followed” from the discovery of the documents at Mar-a-Lago and Biden’s residence was “different” because of how each man acted, “at it’s heart, the issue is the same.”

The senior Senator from Illinois agreed that Biden has now “lost the high ground” on the issue of classified documents.

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“Let’s be honest about it. When that information is found, it diminishes the stature of any person who is in possession of it, because it’s not supposed to happen. Whether it was the fault of a staffer or attorney, it makes no difference,” Durbin concluded. “The elected official bears ultimate responsibility.”

Later that same program, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin also told Bash that it was “unbelieveable” how GarageGate could have happened, slamming it as “totally irresponsible.”

While Durbin confidently declared that what happened with Trump was far worse than the recent scandal, because the 45th President had refused to cooperate with law enforcement, Manchin wasn’t so quick to rush to judgement.

“Let’s wait and see. Some people are taking sides. ‘OK, it was more egregious than what President Trump did or what President Biden did.’ And maybe that’s true. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not true. Let’s find out,” Manchin said.

“I’m willing to find out from the people that are looking at it, finding all these different documents and looking at the classifications and if it’s harmful, could have been harmful or was it harmful, and make determinations,” he added.




12 Responses

  1. Joe Biden is the worst president this country ever had he’s destroying our democracy. He should be impeached and never running any office again put him in a nursing home in the basement where he belongs. Let’s go Brandon.

    1. the devil was given a pink slip over expensive reasons of spending money and his side kick VP should be bared from being able to hold any position of any kind for the rest of her life

  2. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙄🙄, ain’t gonna happen, this Amerika we are in now!!

  3. EVERYBODY is avoiding the biggest part of this debacle. The President and ONLY the President has declassification authority in these situations. I fault Trump for not simply stating, “I declassified these files.” Biden, on the other hand, has zero excuse. And the info that the classified documents he had may have been used by his son in an email to a foreign country, makes his violation rise to a much higher level.

    1. As I recall he said just THAT when this started!
      Was ignored by the criminal, corrupt democrats AND the commie media!

    2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought President Trump has stated many times that he declassified the documents.

      1. He did state they were Declassified – some might have missed that, as the FAKE NRWS won’t report anything like that, just defend an ILLEGITIMATE
        supposed Human in the W.H.? We ALL know it. IF you’re an Earthling, you may have hear of 2 TIERS OF JUSTICE? BTW, WE Won in 2016, 2000, & 2022, just for the record. Still NOT sure how the Left can lie, cheat and deceive, and then BLAME the other side, BUT I’ve learned in last 5 years, it means NOTHING to them, only money and power, and the LACK of God in their lives!!

  4. They finally caught up with the traitor. They have no options on him. We shall see what our Commandment following leaders do.

  5. If you impeach senile Biden then who takes his place — the damned cackling hen Harris? Not no but HELL NO. Don’t even allow the pos to even run for the next election. Get rid of Harris. Pelosi is gone. Ship Schiff out of the country and THEN we might have a half decent elections. I am not a fan of any Democrat, but I am not even slightly excited about Trump running again. We need new blood on both sides.

    1. IF I was to listen to CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, ABC, etc, I would be a Trump Denier. BUT, after 62 years of living, and NEVER paying much attention to Elections or Politics, I started, after Trump said he was running. I have ALWAYS been an outsider, and rooted for the Underdog, so I voted for Trump, instead of Hillary. Best decision of my life. Started watching Fox News, and listening to Conservative Radio, and saw a WHOLE other side of our Government. They are NOT there for us, they are there for themselves, and Trump didn’t need to be beholden to anyone’s money – I liked that. In 4 years, he changed the country for the BETTER in so many ways, that much of the country never knew, BUT WILL. EVEN, while the Dem’s tried for 4 years to claim, (still do) that he was a Russian Agent – (Idiocy). Trump aims to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” as he ran on, and is still doing it. That is WHY so many people hated Trump, (Well, I surely did NOT like some of the things he said,), BUT, they hated George Patton, and Winston Churchill, BUT BOTH won the wars for America and Britain. (History)!
      In the end, the God Fearing People will win, as they follow God, the others will lose, and it is already happening in so many ways, and the FAKE NEWS is even realizing it, and turning on Biden. Harris will resign, with a VERY nice deal for life, and Biden will be Impeached with 25th Amendment, and BOTH will be thrown on the trash heap of History. What happens next, don’t know, maybe Kevin McCarthy President, if Dem’s rule, it will be Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom, or Cheny, (in whatever order?). Wait and see?

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