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Dershowitz: Alvin Bragg’s Charges Against President Trump Are Absurd and Politically Motivated (VIDEO)

Former Harvard law professor and lifelong liberal, Alan Dershowitz condemned Manhattan DA Alvin (And the Chipmunks) Bragg over the charges he has brought against President Trump. Dershowitz described them as BS and that they are politically motivated.  Dershowitz joined Deutsche Welle’s Tim Sebastian this week to discuss the political persecution against President Trump. The longtime Harvard law professor who defended Trump in his first impeachment hearing says that President Trump does not stand a chance with a New York jury.

Dershowitz also said the three other cases against President Trump also have weak points:

Alan Dershowitz: Well, let’s take the charges in New York. What the DA in New York is basically saying is when somebody pays hush money to prevent an allegation of an adulterous affair from being made public to his wife to his family, to his voters, to his business associates. He must immediately put the exact reason why he paid that money in a corporate public form. Nobody in history has ever done that. Nobody in history will ever do that. It’s an absurd charge. It’s selective prosecution… I don’t want to see the criminal law stretch the Constitution contracted in order to get Trump. It’s a very grave danger. Particularly, it’s a great danger because Trump is an easy person to go after because he has so many flaws and fallacies. But the distinction between voting against somebody, which I do, and prosecuting them for a non-crime is a very serious one. And I want to maintain that line very strongly.

Dershowitz on Alvin Bragg.

“The name of my book, Get Trump, is not original with me. It comes from the campaign promises of the district attorney. It would be Germany, unthinkable in Great Britain, unthinkable in France, for a prosecutor to run for office, number one. And number two, promise in advance that he was going to get somebody and then rummage through the statutes to try to find something against him, and when he couldn’t find anything in the statute books, to create a crime. So the American criminal justice system, which I have been teaching about and practicing for 60, is in great danger, and I want to do something about preventing that while also maintaining my strong opposition to Donald Trump as a candidate and as a president.”

Dershowitz: You can’t get a fair jury trial in Manhattan, where people voted for the district attorney on the promise that he would get Trump. Now these same people are going to serve on juries, and they’re going to try to help the district attorney who they voted for get Trump. What is it? 87% of people in Manhattan voted against Trump? The case should be moved to a different area where it’s more like 50.

Jesus Christ could not get Trump cleared in New York City.

Dershowitz: Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Webster, Jesus Christ and Mohammed could not get him an Acquittal in the city of New York. Maybe a hung jury. Possibly a hung jury, but you’re not going to get twelve jurors who will say, we are willing to be the person to let Donald Trump go free and become the next president to the United States. There’s so much opposition to Trump in New York.





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  1. when the country falls, i hope trump has a good laugh. because the way it is going now, not one democrat has a n ounce of sense. to keep up the witch hut is insane to say the least.

    1. He admits he doesn’t like Trump and didn’t vote for Trump. Trust him to vote for Biden again? Does that make a lot of sense? How much of what this admin has done does Dersh agree with?

  2. All this crap about Trump is nothing but a s#th show. And everyone knows it. But the democrats better understand if they play this out then their open to the same treatment. And it will come in the form of a s#th show for them.

  3. Bragg is investigating and charging Trump with a crime that the federal government already investigated and found Trump innocent so he is making a national fool of himself and spending millions of NY tax dollars to do so. NY citizens need to sue him and run him out of office.

  4. Bragg is a fat piece of excrement ant nothing but a tool of the communist democratic party. Trump can never get a fair tial in NYC, as staed by Alan Dershowitz. Compromized DA, Judge, and jurors. A true kangaroo court.
    Now we have dementia Joe running the country as a puppet of his communist/socialist handlers. All bought and paid for by CCP.
    Our nation is on the roar to ruin.

  5. When Bragg loses the case, hopefully losing his position also, will he have to give back his bribe money to Soros???

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