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DeSantis Court Battles: A win on the Parental Rights in Education bill

Gov. Ron DeSantis scores another big win as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law withstood a court challenge and will be allowed to be implemented. The bill forbids schools and teachers from grooming children from kindergarten through the third grade on gender identity and sexual orientation.; This is a major setback for the schools and teachers that will prevent them from grooming young children with their radical and immoral teaching methods.

From CBS News

U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor on Wednesday issued a 21-page decision dismissing a revised lawsuit filed by students, parents and teachers, who argued the law is unconstitutional. Winsor ruled that the plaintiffs had not “alleged sufficient facts” to show they had legal standing to challenge the law.

“Plaintiffs have shown a strident disagreement with the new law, and they have alleged facts to show its very existence causes them deep hurt and disappointment,” Winsor wrote. “But to invoke a federal court’s jurisdiction, they must allege more. Their failure to do so requires dismissal.”…

In an attempt to show standing, the revised version sought to link the law with harm…

But in Wednesday’s ruling, Winsor said such arguments were insufficient.

For instance, he wrote that the Miami-Dade School Board’s decision to reject the resolution about LGBTQ History Month “does not create a particularized injury; it shows at most a generalized grievance shared by all who would have preferred the opposite outcome.”

Basically, the judge let the plaintiffs know that their butt-hurt feelings do not sway his judgment based solely on the law. And the law cannot be amended by a judge just because you don’t like what the law prescribes.

But, this was not the only court action taken that concerns DeSantis. Andrew Warren, the former state attorney who was fired by DeSantis last August has announced that he is appealing the recent court decision that upheld his firing. Warren was fired after he said he would not enforce laws passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. Good luck with that.

From Hot Air

Andrew Warren, a twice-elected state attorney for Hillsborough County, filed the appeal late Wednesday. It comes a month after a federal judge in Tallahassee dismissed his lawsuit on technical grounds while agreeing with Warren that the Republican governor fired him inappropriately.

“We’re asking the Florida Supreme Court to affirm that finding and instruct the Governor to follow the law and reinstate me to office. We’re asking them to reiterate that no one is above the law — not even the Governor,” Warren said in a statement. He is also asking a federal appeals court to reinstate him…

Warren is citing last month’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle, who said that while federal law prevents him from returning Warren to office though a lawsuit centering on state law, he agreed that DeSantis’ actions violated both Warren’s First Amendment rights and the Florida Constitution.

Hinkle, who was appointed by Democratic President Bill Clinton, said the evidence showed that DeSantis had no basis to find Warren incompetent or derelict in his duties, the two reasons cited for the suspension.

Ahhhhhhhh. Another day, another lawsuit.




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