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DeSantis to DA: Explain Why You Let Pine Hills Shooter Remain on the Streets

As usual, the left tried to make out that the Pine Hills shooter was a crazed right-winger. That is right up until the police made the arrest. The gun-grabbers in the White House had tried to play it up big so that they could not only confiscate your guns, but any rubber bands and butter knives you might possess. That plan was spoiled when it was discovered that the shooter was a gang member with a criminal record a mile long.

To top it off, the shooter should have been in jail awaiting trial for peddling drugs but was released by a left-wing prosecutor who believes jail is only for people who oppose abortion or did not commit insurrection on J6. Now, Gov. Ron DeSantis is insisting that far-left State Attorney Monique Worrell explain why she allowed him to go free and provide all documents tha5t helped her reach the conclusion that he did not belong behind bars.

Nevertheless, Worrell’s office declined to prosecute or hold Moses, and DeSantis wants to know why:

Most recently, on November 12, 2021, Mr. Moses was arrested in Orange County for “possession of cannabis < 20 grams.” The arrest affidavit states “[i]t should be noted that all three subjects have multiple firearm possession charges, to include Attempted First-Degree Murder and Armed Robbery with a Firearm and all had ski mask style masks on them or in the vehicle.” Further, our records indicate that Mr. Moses was on Juvenile Felony Probation at the time of this arrest, having previously been arrested for offenses such as Battery, Burglary, Larceny, Robbery with a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon Without Intent to Kill, and multiple instances of resisting an officer, among other serious arrests. Tragically, despite the clear threat that Mr. Moses posed to our community, you apparently made the decision to not pursue charges against him.

The failure of your office to hold this individual accountable for his actions – despite his extensive criminal history and gang affiliation – may have permitted this dangerous individual to remain on the street. Clearly, Mr. Moses should never have been in a position to commit those senseless crimes of last week. As we seek to learn valuable lessons from this heartbreaking event, we must determine if Mr. Moses was enabled by gaps in our sentencing laws that must be corrected, or, to be frank, your office’s failure to properly administer justice.

Worrell should be worried because DeSantis has already proven that he will not hesitate to remove someone from office for dereliction of duty.   DeSantis booted Andrew Warren out of his State Attorney post for pledging not to enforce state laws on abortion. Warren claimed that DeSantis could not get away with that, but guess which one still has a job?

From Hot Air

Ever since the story turned last week, Worrell has been trying to defend herself and her office for their failures to prosecute the firearms laws that are already on Florida’s books. DeSantis had already publicly criticized the way Worrell handled Moses, which prompted Worrell to characterize DeSantis’ criticism as “shameful” and “politicized.” That’s rather rich, considering the 24-hour stampede by Democrats from Joe Biden on down to blame the Pine Hills murders on a lack of laws controlling firearms.

That strategy may have backfired on Worrell. If she was bluffing, Worrell miscalculated badly. Now she will either have to produce all of the documentation on how her office handled Moses — DeSantis has the authority to order production, clearly — or defy DeSantis and get replaced with someone who follows the law. She may join Andrew Warren as former prosecutors in Florida, and this time with a body count. DeSantis isn’t playing around, and he’s not going to get played by the Left and the media this time, either.




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  1. Prosecutors with agendas should be subject to fine and being put in jail as well. The Governor is where the buck stops. If a Prosecutor does not do their job maybe their law license should also be suspended.

  2. We need more people like DeSantis – take back our country from the libs that are trying to destroy it—from Biden to Worrell – please people get out and vote in the next election – let’s clean house of all the libs that don’t take patriotism or our laws seriously! God Bless America!

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