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Detransitioner Files Blockbuster Lawsuit Against Doctors Who Aided Her Sex Change When She Was Only 15 and Left Her Disfigured

It is a sad reality that many teens are struggling with anxiety, anorexia, and gender confusion. Parents are desperate to help their children find peace and happiness in themselves.

Unfortunately, all too often they can be deceived by those who claim to know best. This was the case for 25-year-old North Carolina woman Prisha Mosley.

When she was only fifteen years old, doctors aided her sex change without any necessary medical reasoning or parental consent – leading to lifelong consequences. Prisha had been battling with mental health issues and gender confusion when her parents sought out the help of a so-called “gender therapist”. During the appointment in front of Prisha’s parents, they were asked “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?”

Her attorney Josh Payne claims this was manipulation and blackmail; her parents were coerced into giving consent for her transition despite not knowing what would come next for their daughter.

Despite being underage, Prisha went on to receive hormone therapy which caused major issues within her body such as joint pain, bone pain and facial hair growth – all irreversible side effects that could have been avoided if proper regulations had been followed before transitioning her at such a young age.

Now at twenty-five years old, Prisha is suing these “doctors” for monetary damages due to the trauma she has suffered from the physical changes caused by hormone therapy while also having to deal with disfiguring surgery from having double mastectomies performed when she was just eighteen years old—all completely unnecessary medical procedures given without sufficient research nor consideration for what it would mean for Prisha long term .

The lawsuit is said to be the first of its kind in North Carolina and throughout many parts of America – but this doesn’t mean it’s an isolated incident.

In fact, Charlie Kirk has warned that there could potentially be thousands more like Mosley walking into similar circumstances today; teenagers struggling with gender dysphoria who are left vulnerable without access to correct information or medical professionals willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Prisha Mosley told Charlie Kirk about the lies her doctors told her as they pumped her with testosterone.

WATCH the heartbreaking interview here:





4 Responses

  1. “It is a sad reality that many teens are struggling with anxiety, anorexia, and gender confusion.”

    There is a really good comparison here. Let’s explore this further.

    Those suffering from anorexia or bulimia are NOT encouraged by doctors and psychiatrists to continue in their present state. Quite the contrary. Even with intervention between 20-25% of those diagnosed with these eating disorders DIE. Of those that recover, about half completely recover from these eating disorders and the other half learn the skills to manage its destructive tendencies.

    Now let’s talk about gender confusion.

    Up until recently, we did similar interventions for this disorder. For decades 90%+ of those who had gender confusion completely recovered.

    Which begs the question, why would you abandon a protocol that has over a 90% success rate at curing the disorder in one case? We don’t abandon a protocol that has a 38% success rate at curing eating disorders, and another 38% that successfully manages other disorders that primarily occur in minors?

  2. This should have never been permitted ! I have seen lots in my life by doctors wanting to play god.

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