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Dirty Former Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Convicted and Faces Thirty Years in Prison

Marilyn Mosby who tried to convict innocent police officers in the death of Freddie Gray has found herself being convicted of mortgage fraud for lying on financial documents she used to buy rental property in Florida. As a result, she could be looking at 30 years in prison. Prosecutors believe that Mosby took advantage of the Cares Act in 2020 to take $40,000 out of her retirement account citing hardship because of the Covid pandemic. But, she got a $10,000 dollar pay increase that year.

According to her indictment, Mosby received $36,000 from the retirement compensation account, then put it towards purchasing a rental property in the Orlando, Florida, area.

The Sun reported:

“But prosecutors say in purchasing that property, she lied about having a federal tax lien and falsely said the property was a second home, which lowered the interest rate.”

Mosby, 44, was indicted on both the perjury and mortgage fraud charges in January 2022, and was found guilty of the perjury in November 2023. On Tuesday, the former top prosecutor was found guilty of mortgage fraud and lying.

The Daily Mail reported:

“She began crying as jurors began by clearing her of a similar charge, lying on an application form to get a mortgage on a second property in Kissimmee, Florida.”

From Breitbart News

Mosby faces up to 30 years in prison for the fraud and another 10 for the perjury convictions, though sentencing has yet to be scheduled. 

The progressive district attorney’s soft-on-crime policies were largely blamed for the soaring crime in Baltimore, especially after she announced the move to stop prosecuting certain low-level crimes like prostitution, drug possession, and minor traffic offenses in 2021.

Mosby claimed that she was gifted $5,000 by her then-husband to take out a $428,400 loan on the Gulf Coast property in order to get a lower interest rate, but prosecutors brought evidence that showed she transferred the funds to him and then sent the money back to herself.

Mosby’s ex-husband is Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, who she filed for divorce from in July 2023. Nick Mosby was not charged, and remains in office despite admitting that he “made mistakes” and was not a “perfect person” following his ex-wife’s conviction. 

When reporters asked if he was expecting to face charges, the city council leader claimed he was not fearful of that happening because he’d been completely transparent. 

The convicted Mosby also “did not disclose that she owed $45,000 in federal taxes and lied that she was a first-time homebuyer to secure more favorable interest rates,” according to the Daily Mail

The jurors announced a split verdict, in which they found her to be not guilty on a second mortgage fraud charge relating to the Kissimmee property.





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