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Documentary Implicates Schwab, Gates, WHO, UN and Other Globalist Entities in Massive Crime of ‘Democide’

Najadi and Stuckelberger are calling on the world to take action against those who have unleashed a global pandemic of toxic Covid “vaccines” on the population, warning that if we do not “Cut Off the Head of the Snake” and bring these perpetrators to justice, we will devolve into a new Dark Age of tyrannical global government.

The mini documentary highlights their mission to raise public awareness about the criminal intent behind Big Pharma’s vaccines and its corporate elites who are profiting from them.

They argue that without criminal prosecutions, these corporations will continue unchecked in their actions with impunity.

It is clear that Najadi and Stuckelberger understand how imperative it is for us as citizens to stand up against this kind of corruption within our governments and healthcare systems.

The documentarians urge viewers to join them in taking action against this injustice—to break through the corporate veil of secrecy surrounding vaccine rollouts around the world, exposing those responsible for creating an environment where they can operate with impunity.

You can watch a 5-minute clip from the documentary below.

Pascal Najadi, son of the late Hussain Najadi, has made a significant impact on Swiss politics.

In 2013, his father was assassinated in Malaysia and Pascal took up his mantle as a leading Swiss banker and adviser to global heads of state on financial matters.

This influence was recently demonstrated when he filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Switzerland against President Alain Berset, accusing him of making false statements about Covid mRNA injections – a move that ultimately led to Berset’s resignation.

In the film, Najadi and Stuckelberger confront the technocratic dark age being cultivated by globalist organizations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Notably, they focus on the World Economic Forum which Hussain Najadi co-founded with Klaus Schwab in 1971.

After leaving the organization in the early 1980s, Schwab has continued to run it under Dr. Henry Kissinger’s initial tutelage – an arrangement that deeply concerned Hussain due to its implications for global governance structures.

Pascal Najadi said:

“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva. You have WHO [World Health Organization] in Geneva, you have GAVI [Bill Gates’s Global Vaccine Alliance], then you have the WEF, which my father was a co-founder and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust in the early 80s that has diplomatic immunity.”

He added that:

“I, as a Swiss citizen right here, now declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity.”

In the documentary, Najadi implores Swiss authorities to take action against those advocating a “global humanity injection by a bioweapon.”

He names Big Pharma, Big Tech and Bill Gates, the WEF, the WHO and other globalist entities as responsible for this.

Furthermore, he states that his mother and himself are victims of these bioweapons, having received injections that have led to their weakening health at age 56.

“I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately. Why? The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates all advocated a global humanity injection by a bioweapon injecting lipid nanoparticles into 5.7 billion people.”

“And we Swiss are hosting them. That’s terrible.

“We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity.

“But you have done it. I’m the victim.

“I’m dying from it, and my mother, too.

It’s a democide and will be judged,” he added. “It will be corrected, in the name of humanity.”

Dr. Stuckelberger discussed the role of the United Nations in leading the world into global government in partnership with groups such as the WEF, GAVI, and WHO. She noted that most people within the UN are unaware of this objective and those who do know remain silent due to fear, which she believes is detrimental to global freedom.

Dr. Stuckelberger also highlighted that Swiss government provided immunity to Bill Gates’ Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI), which has been funded by over 50 governments and organizations worldwide; former President Donald Trump even sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the organization in 2020 alone.

In June 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed more than $2 billion for a five-year period ending 2025 to GAVI while representatives from both China and WHO attended its launch event which included a surprise appearance from President Trump.

Dr. Stuckelberger described the push for Covid vaccinations as a global coup d’état.

“We are trying to build a ‘We the People’ movement that is very global, something completely different,” Stuckelberger says. “But what is going on in Geneva is the opposite.”

At the moment, she said, “there is no right to the WHO to give any orders, to dictate to the whole world like they have done. And the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI) got total immunity from the Swiss government.”

“This is coup d’etat. Clearly, it’s a global crime scene, and we are bringing little pieces of evidence to people with humility. Because in science you always have a doubt. It’s a healthy doubt, and I think that is a very important attitude.”

Their exhortation is clear and pervasive throughout the documentary: for individuals to take a stand, acquire knowledge, and challenge the existing order, with the aim of protecting humanity from present and impending threats emanating from Geneva.

Najadi, in a powerful ending to the documentary, states:

“Swiss neutrality has to be restored. We have no future not being neutral. The young people who survuvie through this, will be the guarantors, hopefully, that such institutions can never again take foothold in our blessed country. Never again. The snakehead is in Geneva. I call it a direct, clear, and present danger to the Swiss population. But I can tell you it is being cut off.

“If you have a house of cards, and this is a house of cards of a criminal, one card pulled by justice and the whole cardhouse collapses.

“But from hope alone, it is not done.

“Everybody must now change their spirit.

“And all the vaccinated, the injected, knowing that they are poisoned… We are the masses.

“We are billions of people.

“Let’s just stand up and say Stop. We will not comply.”

Because we are the guardians of humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil. Always.

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  1. Politicians never have consequences for any of their stupidity and evil. Years from now we will know the truth, but the guilty will go free. When the media will not hold their partners, the leftist, accountable, then this will continue.

  2. These people have no fear of GOD at all and will be dealt with very soon. The U.N is a waste of money and needs to be removed from America and dismantled and all these NWO people need to be tried for treason and found guilty then shot their money be given to the people and families that they have murdered

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