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E. Jean Carroll Sobs From Witness Stand, Spars with Trump Lawyer, “I Was Raped!”

E Jean Carroll is just another woman that Democrats trot out to try to eliminate a Republican candidate for office. The only difference is that Carroll waited 24 years before accusing Trump of rape. She admitted on the stand that she hates Trump and wanted to stop him from regaining the White House. She appeared with Anderson Cooper, who had to go to commercial break as the nutjob said that rape is sexy and a fantasy of hers. This story sounds like a fantasy.

She sparred with Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina on Thursday. Carroll is a lifelong Democrat and a Never Trumper. In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s. She was asked why she didn’t scream as she was being raped and she claimed that she wasn’t a screamer. Say what? You are in a busy store during the day when there is a lot of people shopping and you don’t scream to stop it? That makes no sense to me.

Carroll claimed that after the rape, she called she phoned her friend Lisa Birnbach. Birnbach told her that rape wasn’t funny, but Carroll said she couldn’t stop laughing. What woman finds getting raped as incredibly funny.

NBC News reported:

Writer E. Jean Carroll, who alleges in a lawsuit that Donald Trump raped her in the 1990s in a New York department store, was questioned Thursday by a lawyer for the former president who repeatedly suggested her claim was made up.

“You were supposedly raped?” Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina asked Carroll early in his cross-examination.

“I was raped,” Carroll responded.

Tacopina pressed her on details about the alleged attack in the afternoon, asking skeptically about her contention that she didn’t remember seeing any other people on the sixth floor in the lingerie department of a Bergdorf Goodman, where she said she was raped in a dressing room.

“I saw no one on the floor,” she said, telling Tacopina her attention was trained on her conversation with Trump, which she thought was “funny” until he assaulted her.

Tacopina asked why she didn’t “scream for help.”

“I’m not a screamer. I was in a panic, fighting,” she said, becoming visibly emotional. “You can’t beat up on me for not screaming.”

Tacopina said he was not.

“People always ask, ‘Why didn’t you scream?’ Some women scream, some do not,” Carroll said.

“He raped me, whether I screamed or not,” she said, sobbing on the stand while also speaking loudly. “If I was trying to make a lie I would say I was screaming my head off but I did not scream. I did not scream.”

They will never make a movie out of this trial because it just isn’t believable.





15 Responses

  1. Just another Demon-O-Crat that is afraid that Trump is going to win and then all her lies will be shown to the world ending her evil, democrat party life.

  2. Give me a break if this women was raped she would have reported it when it happened you don’t wait 24 years to report something like that. Liar, Liar ,Liar and I doubt that Trump would stoop that low in a dressing room come on.

  3. sounds to me a lot like christine ford who didn’t even know kavanaugh…FUKK THE DEMON DEMS

  4. There should be a time limit as to these people “claiming assault / rape” against a person!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t come forward within 2 or 3 years — YOU HAVE NO CLAIM!!!! Shame on you!!!

  5. When she has no evidence and looses the case I hope she has the resources to pay the counter suit. She can ask Stormy about what she should be ready for.

    1. Good point. The President can charge her with making false statements and impugning his character just as she has done to him. Hope she loses and the President wins bigly.

    2. Yep…claiming rape in a department store where one scream would’ve brought help is as phony as it can get.

  6. Women who lie like this are a disgrace to other women. The liars ruin lives and make it hard for Real victims to be believed!

  7. You cannot even provide a date, a time, any witness, despite your claim it happened in a public dressing room in a store full of shoppers, and a sales person who was taking care of you as you were trying on dresses ? 25 years ago or longer …….

  8. All this is people trying to get some kind of fame off of President Trump. From all these liar women to the d…a.s Manhattan Bragg. Just waiting to see what the recurrence on all these is going to be.

  9. Simply not credible. Carroll was hoping to sell her autobiography which might have been her motivation, but Trump is “deep pockets” and a major political force, so he’ll always be a big target for Democrats. Carroll knows there’s no evidence of a rape, no witnesses; her story is flimsy. Bergdorf Goodman is a famous department store, on par with Tiffany’s. Such luxury stores are always busy; it strains credulity to suggest the entire floor was vacant when the alleged rape took place. The “MeToo” movement claims women should be believed but only when they’re accusing Republicans– but many women lie, especially if they think they can be believed absent witnesses, evidence and when they have reason to lie (because she’s a Democrat and wanted to get rich off her book.

  10. she is being funded by a deep pocket democrat. there was an article on who it was the other day. I dont recall the mans name, but he is a high dollar donor to the demon rat party. that is why she is suing. on her own, she could not afford to. this is the biggest lie yet. she is so ugly, no one would look twice at her. and why, after a horrendous thing, would you be laughing insanely? that you finally got laid???? what a joke. and for the record, I am female.

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