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Electric Vehicle Owners Get Hard Lesson About Salt Water And EV Batteries

Last week, at least two Floridian Tesla owners learned the hard way what happens when salt water corrupts their vehicles’ battery system.

After Hurricane Idalia hit the Sunshine State’s Big Bend region and submerged their electric vehicles in seawater, both of them caught fire.

The Palm Harbor Fire Rescue took to social media to warn residents about storing their EVs inside or near a structure, noting that saltwater exposure can trigger combustion in lithium-ion batteries.

Carfax spokesperson Patrick Olsen provided more insight into the threat this type of flooding poses for electric vehicles.

“The salt water that is flooding can get into the battery and dry there, and once it dries, it creates what federal safety officials call bridges between cells, and that can lead to fires, and that those fires can come anywhere from days to weeks later,” Olsen explained. “And once an EV catches on fire, it is incredibly difficult to put it out.”

He explained that when floodwaters recede and mineral deposits from the salt water dry on the battery, it creates bridges between cells that can lead to fires breaking out days or even weeks later.

Furthermore, these fires release harmful chemicals and are difficult to suppress once ignited.

The U.S. Fire Administration noted a dozen incidents of EVs burning last year after being exposed to saltwater from Hurricane Ian – two of which led homes housing these cars to burn down as well because one single corrupted EV spontaneously combusted within a garage after drying off from its original exposure.

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  1. With the talk of states taxing vehicles per mile has most drivers upset. The main reason for this is less highway taxes are collected through gasoline sales because of more efficient cars, hybrids and EVs. I believe every EV owner should have to pay an extra $500 per year to register with at least half of the money going to the federal government to compensate for the lack of highway taxes they do not pay through gasoline purchases. I believe hybrids should have to pay $250/year. They should also have to put up a bond to compensate damages their EVs might cause in the fires they are known to cause and for extra fire equipment needed to fight EV fires. I’m not against EVs in general. I just believe those owners should pay their share of the infrastructure we all use and for them, not us, to pay for the heightened risk of causing fires and the extra equipment needed to put the fires out.

  2. EV’s are a Hoax and Joke! But what would you expect when all the freaks and Lib-Tards pushed for this with Biden leading the way! Oh let’s not leave out the formidable genius who screamed for the Green New Deal and Trillions of our Tax Dollars; that Nit-Wit AOC!

  3. While I can understand this how does this explain the EVs sitting in garages that have caught on fire? The only word I can think of is crap.

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