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Tech tyranny has almost shut me down completely. I am shadowbanned, censored, blocked and canceled on the legacy social media platforms. But don't worry, there is a plan to beat these guys. You can stay informed by downloading the Freedom Hub App

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Joe Biden: ‘It’s Time to Again Ban High-Capacity Magazines…If You Need 80 Shots in a Magazine, You Shouldn’t Own a Gun!’ (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Biden Again Plans To Violate The Constitution

In Rare Moment, Jean-Pierre Admits There Are ‘Fact-Checkers’ For Biden

Jean-Pierre Backed Into A Corner, Slips Up When Reporters Hammer Her About Biden

Pentagon Exempts Ukraine Funding From Possible Government Shutdown

The US Republic Has Fallen, Pentagon Now In Charge

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Man Dies After Men Confront Him While Attempting To Scale School Fence
VIDEO: Sledgehammer-Wielding California Lunatic Dead After Being Stopped By Aware Men

Tuesday at 2:30 p.m., a bizarre event occurred while classes were in session at McKinley Elementary School in Long Beach. A man was confronted by…

DEVELOPING: Third IRS Official Confirms Biden DOJ Blocked US Attorney David Weiss From Charging Hunter Biden
Third Confirmation: Biden Blocked US Attorney From Charging Hunter

This latest development marks the third time an IRS official has come forward to House Republicans to confirm reports that President Joe Biden's administration blocked…

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Will Switch Affiliation to Republican Party “America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One”
BOOM! Another Big Name Black Democrat Switches To Republican Party!

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has announced his departure from the Democratic Party, declaring that "America's cities need Republicans" and he is ready to join their…


The Life and Legacy of Kenny The Shark Gant: A Look Back at His Impact on Football

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Animal Mutilations, Bigfoot, and Nasty Little Greys

Animal Mutilations, Bigfoot, and Nasty Little Greys
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