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Environmental Protester Glues His Hand To The Pavement, Must Be Rescued By Firefighters

Thursday’s disruption of air traffic at Hamburg and Duesseldorf airports serves as yet another example of the troubling trend of whacked-out environmental activists putting their own agenda before public safety.

Letzte Generation, an activist organization, employed a concrete and epoxy resin mixture to glue their hands to asphalt, effectively blocking runways and leaving thousands of passengers facing flight delays and cancelations.

This irresponsible behavior not only inconveniences passengers but also jeopardizes the safety of those aboard aircraft trying to take off or land.

Thousands were left stranded at airports due to this stunt, with no way home other than waiting out what could have been a long delay or paying exorbitant fees for new tickets.

Some passengers who had paid for cancellable tickets were unable to get refunds because airlines could not guarantee they would arrive at their destination on time – something which carries a hefty financial burden on many travelers.

According to Economic Times:

In a bold and daring act of protest, members of the “Last Generation” climate activist group in Hamburg and Düsseldorf took their fight against climate change to new heights, causing significant disruptions to flight operations by occupying airport runways.

Inspired by renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg, who gained global attention for her impassioned speech at the United Nations, the “Last Generation” activists have escalated their tactics. Taking civil disobedience to extreme levels, they affixed their hands firmly to the runways using a mixture of concrete and epoxy resin, a construction-grade substance known to harden over time. 

The internet could not wait to crush this goofball:

Here’s the translation from the German account where it was posted. “Imagine you fulfill your childhood dream and become a firefighter and in the end you have to scrape such unemployed wimps off the street.”




26 Responses

  1. I just cannot wrap my mind around such stupidity! I hope this person has to pay a huge fine to repay the cost of not only the passengers on the planes for lost ticket costs but also for the cost of cutting his hand out of the tarmac and the repair of same. Not only that, but also he should get prison time for doing this. I also hope there aren’t any “do gooders” who think what he did was OK and do nothing about it.

    1. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and he screens like a GIRL!!

  2. Throw that idiot off a bridge into the water below. If he survives, no jail time. If he doesn’t Oops he just became a bio hazard in the water

  3. Save the concrete!
    Cut off their hands at their wrists!!
    Then make them pay for the cost of the emergency workers and the cost to travelers!
    I’d have more patience and forgiveness if it was a stupid accident. But this was all intentional and they should have to pay for their idiocy!!!

  4. These people should get a 30 year prison sentence instead of a slap on the wrist. If they would throw the book at these people this crap would stop.

    1. @Glenn: Agreed. This is what happens when there’s no punishment for committing crimes.

      Ecclesiastes 8:11 (King Solomon speaking)
      “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

      When there’s no fear of punishment, criminal thugs think they can do whatever they want. Lots of innocent people get hurt.

  5. Carry on with takeoffs and landings. After awhile the carnage breaks down from the airplanes, buzzards, and maggots. They’ll learn pretty quickly how much we don’t give a s**t.

  6. The part that I have the most trouble with idiots like this is the fact that spectacularly stupid people have been in place to drum this morainic thinking and actions into their mush for brains. The teachers and some parents have not thought through the inevitable consequences of this generation growing up to manage and produce an economy that will not only support themselves and their, I shudder while I write this, families, but the generation that the teachers are in as they start to retire. The retirement fund for public officials is funded by the public. They are in fact raising a fiscally bankrupt generation. Congratulations on screwing your stupid self serving selves!

  7. This what is happening because of all the LIES from our government about the FAKE climate change agenda. And so many MORONS believe they are saving the planet if they just stop one plane from taking off. Climate is going to happen no matter what Government forces you to do or not do. And nothing you do is going to change that FACT.

  8. I would cut out the piece of asphalt they are gluded too and let them carry that around till they figured out how to get their hand off. That way they could show people just how proud they are of being so stupid.

  9. And fools like this demand to set international climate policy? I wouldn’t let them babysit a statue.

  10. They should be made to keep the block of runway affixed to their hands for 10 years as their “punishment”. Since they thought this was such a brilliant move why not have it become a part of them!

  11. Let the planes take off. These people intentionally and continuesly put themselves in harm way, in order to gain control Its not a Protest: IE ITS CONTROL
    The best way to STOP it, hault it, eliminate it is to stop treating them like ignorant children. If they block the road move forward anyway, it’s their responsibility to get out of the road as it is they who are creating harm to all concerned. Likewise; if they glue themselves to the tarmac TAKE OFF ANYWAY; STOP INDULGING THE COMMUNISTS and playacting this behavior. Fines? They just get Soros and Gates to pay them so what.

  12. If the protester wasn’t in the way of flights, I would say to leave him there until he figured our how to free himself. As it is, they should be fined enough to refund EVERY ticket for those delayed by their stunt, in addition to criminal penalties.

  13. He doesn’t want to be released. Just leave him there. Quarantine the area, so no one can get to him and harass him. Just let him chew his own arm off or rot there.

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