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Evidence of Voting Machine Vulnerabilities and Fulton County 2020 Election Issues Entered into the Federal Record

In the Culling V Raffensperger lawsuit the plaintiffs were able to enter how easy it is to change votes using nothing but a pen into the record since far left Judge Amy Totenberg saw how it was done right in her own courtroom. This is strong evidence that the court should rule against Raffensperger who wants to continue to aid Democrats by making it ridiculously easy to cheat. Ditto Gov Brian Kemp. Both men knew they we4re wrong but they just don’t care.

If Culling wins the lawsuit, Georgia would be forced to use only paper ballot. Raffensperger spent $107 million dollars on Dominion machines. We don’t know how much kickback he received. Or who else may have been paid off. The scary thing is several other states use exactly the same vulnerable machines. The touchscreen Ballot Marking Devices (BMD) fail to create a voter-verifiable ballot because the actual voter intent is contained in a QR code that cannot be read by the voter.

From The Gateway Pundit

Last year, VoterGA’s Ricardo Davis was able to insert himself as a co-plaintiff and retain his own counsel, attorney David Oles, to represent him in this case.  This was in addition to a team of lawyers already arguing the case for the other plaintiffs.  Sitting in the court room, you can feel the tensions between the two sides of attorneys representing the plaintiffs.

During the proceedings thus far, Oles has been relatively constrained in terms of arguing Davis’s case.  The co-plaintiff’s team of lawyers, led by David Cross, have gone as far as objecting to Oles during the extremely limited questioning he’s been afforded from time to time.  In fact, on Monday, during the questioning of UC Berkley Professor Philip Stark, Oles was granted just two questions and some follow-up after a minutes-long sidebar between the judge and almost a dozen attorneys over whether he could ask any questions.  As Oles was asking Prof. Stark about the 17,852 missing ballot images in Fulton County, Cross’s team of lawyers interrupted and questioned the relevance to the case.  Judge Totenberg allowed the question.

Yesterday, just before the plaintiffs rested their case to allow the defendants to proceed, Oles was able to proffer evidence to the court from the expert witness declarations of Professors Philip Stark and J. Alex Halderman.  As reported previously by The Gateway Pundit, Dr. Halderman testified late last week and was able to hack into the Dominion ICX BMD in just five seconds using a ballpoint pen.  This was a significant development in the case as the overall theme thus far has revolved around the illegality and vulnerabilities of the touchscreen BMDs.  However, the case has all but ignored significant vulnerabilities in the computerized election system as a whole and has shown support for hand-marked paper ballots counted by optical scanners, as done in most election jurisdictions throughout the country.

The proffers offered by counsel from Dr. Stark’s testimony were focused on anomalies and issues in Georgia and, more specifically, in Fulton County:

  1. A digital ballot image is required by the Dominion Voting System to produce tabulated votes for the ballot
  2. Stark believes digital ballot images are election records that should be retained according to federal and state law
  3. Georgia does not require digital ballot images to be retained for the period specified by federal law
  4. Georgia does not require digital ballot images to be retained for the period specified by state law
  5. It is technically impossible to have more certified votes than ballot images if the elections processes are followed correctly
  6. 17,852 certified 2020 Fulton Co. votes have no original ballot image files
  7. Additional VoterGA research corroborates Dr. Starks findings that over 17,000 votes have missing ballot images
  8. Certified votes that have missing ballot images is an indication of electronic vote tampering
  9. 376,863 original Dominion ballot image files for the certified Fulton Co. 2020 election are missing
  10. The missing original ballot images files made it impossible to audit the 2020 election




2 Responses

  1. Gov. Kemp is long past his due date!!!!!!!!!!! He has done nothing but comply and support every political nut that falls off a tree. Raffensberger is beyond evil in his machinations of the Georgia electoral process. Both will be out of office soon THANK GOD!!!! Georgians must be more careful and wiser when voting for a governor in the next election. We must have complete histories, and not just personal BUT morally as these two have shown just how evil some politicians are.

  2. This Fulton County, GA, 2020 election’s report of 17,852 votes “have no original ballot images files,” later corroborated by Dr. Stark’s investigations…is eerily similar to what happened in Arizona’s 2022 Elections where Candidate for Governor Keri Lake filed a law suit about Arizona’s “some 17,000” ballots “appearing out of nowhere!” Candidate Keri lake proved to a Judge Thompson that “some ballots had issues.” This later, was corroborated by then Supervisor Bill Gates who was recorded on November 8, election night, that the “count was ongoing and some 17,000 ballots , or so, remained to be counted…we’ll have the results by tomorrow morning.” Ms. Cecilia Nabors (Assistant Elections Director) was tasked to produce “final tally.” Proof of Electronic alteration “via internet” unfolded (in court) through a supposed “air gap.” There’s enough similarities to seek removal of “faulty elections equipment” returning to “time tested” Paper Ballots. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

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