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Excessive Force Expert Explains Exactly How These J6 COPS BROKE THE LAW

On January 6th the police used deadly force against peaceful protesters and violated the protocol of the Metropolitan Police Department.

In doing so, they turned a peaceful protest into9 a riot. Police indiscriminately fired sting balls and rubber bullets into a non-violent crowd and many more got sprayed in the face with  CS gas and were injured by shrapnel flying from the flash grenades they shot into the crowd at random. People were beaten with nightsticks.

Evidently the “excessive force and absolute brutality” leveled against the demonstrators protesting the coup de etat of the US government in the nation’s Capitol on January 6 was “approved or authorized by police leadership,” warns court-certified excessive force expert and Steven Hill with Sponsor J6.

Hill has investigated over 1000 hours of J6 footage during the past two years. Hill is a veteran SWAT team supervisor, and he reveals how the police used excessive force against the protesters.

Four police officers threw a non-violent passive protester.

Hill said:

“These officers should have used MP hand techniques and verbal commands, and when this didn’t work, he should have been handed off to an arrest team. But you don’t see arrest teams working with these riot control formations on that day. that day.

“We’ve seen passive resistors treated differently during other demonstrations around DC, so you would think this man would have received a citation and an order to appear in front of a judge. “But apparently, January 6th was a different kind of day. The amount of excessive force and absolute brutality we see on this day appears to have been approved or authorized by police leadership.”

From The Gateway Pundit

“A passive resistor is somebody who wants to sit, cross their arms and say, ‘Hell no, we won’t go.’ We see it a lot. The first level of force an officer can use is just being there in uniform, that’s considered a use of force,” Hill told TGP in an exclusive interview. “The second thing they can do is issue a verbal command, ‘You need to leave.’

“The guy could then keep sitting and say I’m not going.’ That’s the level of force they should they should be using against this demonstrator. The next level of force on a passive resistor is basically to take him into custody, not pick him up and flip him over the wall!

“With a use of force continuum or ‘reactive control model,’ as a police officer, I’ve learned that my reaction is going to be based upon the suspect’s action. If the suspect is compliant, then I use cooperative controls, such as just being a uniform before I say, ‘Sir, you can’t do that, you know, you must leave.’ If he’s compliant, he’ll turn and walk away.”

“But next level, if he wants to persist passively — just stands there, lays on the ground, sits somewhere or if he just goes limp — the officer can use anything from presence to issuing commands to contact controls. A contract and contact control is where I touch you — it can be as simple as, ‘I’m going to place your hand, behind your back and put handcuffs on it,’ that’s all contact control. I can use a teeny amount of physical force to put him in a position of disadvantage, to put him in handcuffs, or to just escort him where I need him to go.

“That’s what you do with a passive resistor. I can’t legally go above that level of force. I can’t say, ‘He’s not going move so I’m gonna hit him in the head with my baton or I’m going to stick a dog on him.”

“A reasonable officer’s response would have walked him to the paddy wagon and written him a ticket,” Hill concluded. “Instead, they used a compliance technique or a defensive tactic against the guy, which is one to two levels above where this guy is.”




4 Responses

  1. Prosecute ALL J6 cops then & Undercover agents
    Place them in J6 Prison center

    1. They won’t. If they did, it would get out that Nancy was the mastermind behind it all.

  2. Trump isn’t h cause of any of it. However the slut nasncy . And the black ass mayor were. There is a reason they refused the national guard that Trump offered them.
    When the truth finally comes out, if we had any real justice in this country, thoae two women would be in the slammer.

  3. This is one of the most blatant shows of gestapo/totalitarian tactics I have ever seen. These people were all innocent. They were tricked into going into the capitol by undercover government justice department personnel instructed to start an insurrection and then blamed it on a bunch of old farts & fartettes that wanted to take over the government with signs, banners, hats, and flags. These government cops need to be charged with assault and battery and every one of them should have to stand trial.

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