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Executives of Non-Profit Group Reveal How They Are Sneaking Woke LGBTQ+ Curriculum Into Elementary Schools and Indoctrinating Children WITHOUT Parental Knowledge

A concerning video has been released which depicts the leaders of a New Jersey non-profit organization demonstrating how they have surreptitiously introduced sexual and LGBTQ+ material into classrooms without notifying parents.

HiTOPS, which works in schools throughout New Jersey and the United States, is exposing children as young as second graders to its radical left-wing ideas surrounding gender identity.

HITOPS, according to its website, strives to promote strong and healthy young people of all identities by providing inclusive sex education and LGBTQ+ support.

Furthermore, the organization’s goal is to create an environment in which young people are comfortable with their bodies, supported in developing their sexual and gender identity, and knowledgeable about how to have safe, consensual relationships.

Project Veritas recently released a video featuring interviews with HITOPS’ executive director Lisa Shelby and health educator Hannah Wiers.

During their conversation, the journalists managed to prompt the group to disclose the manipulative techniques they employ to indoctrinate children, and elicit an acknowledgment that one of their primary objectives is to remove parents’ right to opt-out of the curriculum they promote.

“That’s our real, I guess, that’s our, like, real sort of goal would be to remove opt-out class, or like, opt-out policies,” Wiers told Project Veritas.


Shelby informed the Project Veritas reporter of a tactic employed to indoctrinate children in the radical LGBTQ+ lifestyle, which entails using a “racial justice” class named “Pathways to Racial Literacy” that educates kids about “sexual health education and LGBTQ+ support.”

Wiers then explained that parents are unable to opt their children out of this class.

HiTOPS has been reported to use a method of brainwashing children without parental knowledge, according to Wiers.

This method includes sending the kids occasional messages on their laptops inquiring about their preferred pronouns and if they would like to be addressed by another name.

Here is how Wiers describes the tactic:

HiTOPS deleted their X (formerly Twitter) account after being exposed by Project Veritas late Wednesday.

Take a look.

The non-profit on Thursday then removed its Staff and Board of Directors from its website. There was no question they were feeling the heat.

You can watch the full video expose by Project Veritas below:

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7 Responses

  1. I have a great idea, why not let the LGBTQ+ indoc thier own natural born childen, oh wait, they can’t. The human body is not designed for that and its all in their heads. So they must all be mentall ill people. The only thing they can spawn by anal is little turds. Must be a reason for that. Its not natural, its not wanted, and its not right. Besides I though all this was illegal, oh wait we put a bunch of LGBTQ+ in Congress who now changed the man made laws to allow perversion, and they don’t want the parents to know they are sizing up their kids to lead them downt he preversion road to have relations with them. I was approached by a gay man and didn’t even relaize what was going on back in 67 or 68 when I was in the military. When the light bulb finally lit, it made me sick to my stomach and scared the out of me. I ran before anything ever happend. and never looked back. To try and idoc small kids in school with books, story tellers, teachers crossdressing, administrative staff openly crossing the line, is preversion and should be outlawe, PERIOD. If I still had any kids in school , actually do have grand kids and any one of these mentall ill people becomes known and has touched any of them, I will find them and they will not be back in those same classes if they want to continue to live. You thought Hoffa disappeared, you can well bet these sick SOB’s will go the same route. lots of Gators to feed in Florida. Parents stay in the loop, after all what are these people trying to hide? Parents set what will and will not be taught.

  2. Jesus said that it would be better for a person to tie a rock around his neck, throw himself into the ocean, smash his head into a rock and drown than it would be to hurt one of His little children. Nobody is going to live forever and there will be a Judgement day when we will all be judged by our ACTS. The words of Jesus will happen exactly as He wrote them and the people who have hurt His Little Children are going to experience a terrible price for hurting God’s little innocent children. Repent and do no more evil acts ever again.

    1. It is a “MILLSTONE”. Your bible translation is in error, or you can’t read, however the nuance is correct.
      It also reads; “There will come a time , when evil is good , and good is evil.”

    1. Will not happen. Just like Epstein’s “friends”, still walking the streets and pedophiling on the sheets.

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