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FAA Pick Phillip Washington Withdraws His Nomination After Senator Cruz Uncovers His Ongoing Criminal Investigation

For the second time in a week, a Biden nominee has withdrawn from seeking a job at the Biden caliphate. Biden, when given a choice always goes with the worst candidate.

The most recent withdrawal comes from Biden’s nominee for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Phillip Washington.

Washington has been insisting for a while that he is not under investigation, but then he had to face Ted Cruz. Trying to sneak a lie past Cruz is like trying to sneak a porterhouse steak past a pit bull.

Cruz outed Washington because of the fact that he was under investigation for corruption. Cruz went on to say that Washington was the first nominee he could recall who was entangled in an ongoing public corruption investigation while their nomination was pending.

Cruz told him that:

“Unfortunately, the problems with Mr. Washington’s nomination don’t end with his lack of aviation experience. There are also serious concerns regarding outstanding allegations that Mr. Washington engaged in misconduct during his time as the head of the Los Angeles Metro. He has been named in multiple search warrants in an ongoing criminal public corruption investigation, and he’s been the subject of multiple whistleblower complaints.”

“One search warrant was executed just last September, not very long ago. It contained allegations that Mr. Washington pushed forward lucrative no-bid contracts to a politically-connected nonprofit to run a sexual harassment hotline that was hardly ever used, and that he did so in order to stay in the good graces of a powerful politician on LA Metro’s board. The allegations are the kind of local corruption sadly we see far too often across this country, in both parties.”

“But a whistleblower who exposed the details of this alleged pay-to-play contracting scheme claims to have been retaliated against by Mr. Washington. After Mr. Washington left the LA Metro the agency settled these claims with the whistleblower for $625,000. I practiced law for a long time. You did as well. A $625,000 check is not a nuisance check. It’s not a “go away” check. It’s indicative that there’s a real there, there. Whistleblowers don’t get settlements for more than half a million dollars if their claim is baseless.”

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

Cruz continued:

“Even more amazing, when my staff spoke with the California Attorney General’s office, the AG’s office told us that at the time they spoke they were not aware of anybody from the White House, from the FBI, or from the Senate who had even contacted them to ask about Mr. Washington’s ongoing involvement in the investigation. That’s truly stunning. That is, frankly, just not caring.”

“It’s inexplicable to me that a president, that a White House would choose to nominate someone who is materially involved in a current ongoing public corruption investigation. Just imagine how damaging it would be to the FAA if Mr. Washington were confirmed and then months later he were to find himself indicted for public corruption. That would do real damage to an agency that needs serious trust in leadership.”

In 2021 President Joe Biden’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, has withdrawn her nomination after she faced opposition from key Democratic and Republican senators for her controversial tweets.

On March 7th of this year

President Biden’s nominee to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) withdrew her name Tuesday after two years of partisan gridlock delayed her confirmation, the White House confirmed.

“We appreciate Gigi Sohn’s candidacy for this important role. She would have brought tremendous talent, intellect and experience, which is why the president nominated her in the first place,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a briefing.





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  1. Sounds like Bidens Getting his nominees from a police lineup or the local prisons. Surprising? NO! nothing surprises us coming from Joe Biden.

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