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Fani Willis Gets Caught With Her Hand in the Cookie Jar Again: Just Disclosed, She Hired Her Boyfriend’s Law Partner Too

Fani Willis plays fast and loose with Fulton County taxpayer money. First she spends a fortune to indict President Trump on bogus charges, then she pays her boyfriend $854,000 dollars, and it has just become public knowledge that she hired the law partner of her boyfriend.

Christopher Campbell, a partner at Wade & Campbell Firm, is being paid $150 dollars an hour for a grand total so far of $126,070 from the Office of the District Attorney since 2021.

Willis hired Campbell as a Taint attorney. I thought maybe that meant hiring him taint legal, but I have discovered that a Taint lawyer is someone who sifts through documents to make sure prosecutors do not pass on information such as client/lawyer privileged materials or unsubstantiated evidence.

Doesn’t the DA’s office have someone who can do the job and do it cheaper? An assistant DA works 40 hours a week for 52 weeks for a grand total of $87,631. Whereas Campbell for the same number of hours is paid $312,000.

Willis appointed Campbell’s partner, Nathan Wade, in November 2021 to serve as special prosecutor in the case against former President Donald Trump despite him allegedly being her boyfriend.

A co-defendant of former President Donald Trump accused Willis in a motion last week of awarding Wade, her alleged lover, a “lucrative” contract, claiming she benefited from it because he took her on trips and cruises using the money he earned from the position. The motion further alleged Willis never secured approval from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to appoint Wade and paid him using funds she requested to clear a backlog of cases from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Atlanta-based criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Philip Holloway told the DCNF:

“This is a mystery in and of itself. I have no clue why any DA’s office needs to pay a private lawyer to handle ‘first appearance’ calendars. Any Assistant DA could easily do that. They are already on the payroll and it is the most simple of all tasks.”

From The Daily Caller

Campbell’s contract, which spans from Jan. 25, 2021 to Jan. 25, 2022, places him at the same hourly pay rate Willis initially awarded Floyd, who’s known as Georgia’s top racketeering expert, in his contract beginning in April 2021. Other billing statements and contracts show Floyd was later paid $200 an hour.

Willis also contracted with Anna Cross, a prosecutor with 20 years of experience who has represented Georgia in multiple high-profile homicide cases, to work at a rate of $250 an hour, according to contracts obtained by the DCNF.

Wade’s contracts starting on Nov. 1, 2021 and billing statements reveal he received $250 an hour for his work as special prosecutor, $100 more than his partner, Campbell. Wade has received nearly $654,000 from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office since the start of 2022, according to county records.

Wade and Campbell’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, has also been paid $74,480 by the District Attorney’s office since 2021, according to county records.

Under a separate contract spanning from March 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021, Campbell was also hired to provide services as a “First Appearance Attorney” at a rate of $65 an hour, according to the document.

The job is to represent the District Attorney’s Office at a defendant’s First Appearance hearing, which is held before a judge within 72 hours of arrest to consider the issue of bond and notify the defendant of charges.




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  1. Typical Fulton/Atlanta politician: Liar, Thief, elitist, above the law. Especially lawyers and judges in that city/county. In my 30 plus years living there have known quite a few of them personally. One of the reasons I left

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