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Fani Willis’ Lover Boy Met with White House to Plot Trump Georgia Indictments

When Joe Biden lies, it is no longer news, but if he ever tells the truth, that would be the scoop of the century. Biden’s latest lie to be discovered is when he said his White House had nothing to do with the indictments against Trump, he was lying between his teeth. We now know that Fani Willis’s illicit lover met with White House personnel twice before Trump was indicted.

He was working for Willis at the time, but he made a mistake when he billed Fulton County for those trips, creating a paper trail. On one of those trips we have now learned was for a meeting w2ith the White House Counsel. On another trip, he also met with the White House Counsel in Athens, Georgia. There is no other reason why an Atlanta prosecutor would meet with the White House Counsel. This was pure unadulterated collusion.

Willis hired her boyfriend and paid him nearly $654,000 from 2022. In turn, he took her on trips to the NAPA Valley and the Caribbean. Therefore she in essence received a kickback from her boyfriend Nathan Wade. Ironically, that makes her eligible for RICO charges, the very thing she has charged Trump with. Democrats never worry about breaking the law, because they are above the law. One of Trump’s co-defendants has sued to force Willis, Wade, and Willis’s staff from prosecuting him.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Mike Davis broke down how Fani’s buffoon boyfriend who was paid over $600,000 in taxpayer funds over the past year thanks to his girlfriend, met with White House officials to plot the Trump indictments and put this on his expense report!

Steve Bannon: Her alleged boyfriend – He bills meetings at the White House. Let’s see, he’s working for Fanny Willis. He’s the head guy on the RICO charge. He flies to Washington, DC, on two separate occasions, bills him for it. I guess, unless he’s a criminal, that’s billing for stuff he’s not doing. Help me out here, Davis. I’m not too familiar with how you lawyers work. Doesn’t that mean that he’s there to talk to the White House counsel’s office about the prosecution of Trump in Atlanta? Sir. Yeah.

Mike Davis: He has two bills, one on May 23, 2022, for $2,000 for travel to Athens. I presume that’s Athens, Georgia, conference with White House counsel. So we have to look, was Biden down in Athens, Georgia on May 23, 2022, or did this White House counsel make a trip down there? What was the purpose of this trip? Obviously, this meeting is about Trump’s case, this unprecedented prosecution of Trump by Fannie Willis and her alleged boyfriend, Nathan Wade. Because Nathan Wade billed for $2,000 of his time for this meeting with the White House counsel. So the White House can’t say that this meeting was not related to Trump.

Wade is stupid enough to put in his billing, that’s publicly disclosed, that he met with the White House counsel related to President Trump’s prosecution. Like you said, not Brandeis, not even close. And I can’t believe that Fannie Willis would bring in this unqualified clown, even if it’s her boyfriend, even if this clown takes her on trips around the world to run the most important case of her career. She’s just a total buffoon. And then there’s the second meeting. Interview with DC White House counsel on November 18, 2022, again, a block billing for 2000 hours. I’m looking at this, Nathan Wade’s bills. He doesn’t have a lot of specifics in these bills. They’re block bills for $2,000 a pop each day.

So there’s clear coordination. There’s clear coordination between Biden and these prosecutors. Remember, it was deputy White House counsel Jonathan’s suit who waived President Trump’s claim of executive privilege on behalf of President Trump that led to the unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful home raid on President Trump for the presidential records he’s allowed to have in the office of former president under the Presidential Records act.

It was Matthew Colangelo who got sent as a senior political appointee in the Biden Justice Department. The number two to the number three, who got sent to Manhattan Da Alvin Bragg’s office. The Soros funded Manhattan DA to resurrect this zombie case against Trump that the prior Manhattan DA, the Manhattan U. S. Attorney, the Federal Election Commission, and Alvin Bragg himself passed on until this Biden official went to Bragg’s office and brought the first indictment ever against a former president.

And now we have this Nathan Wade, Fanny Willis’s alleged boyfriend, who had these meetings with the White House, including a meeting with the White House counsel before the indictment of President Trump.





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