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Fani Willis’s Alleged Collusion With Biden White House May Soon Be Exposed

The walls are closing in on Fani Willis and the revelation which is the next to drop is her collusion with Joe Biden’s White House. That’s funny. Joe swore he had nothing to do with the charges against Trump. I guess we are to believe it is coincidental that all three prosecutors went to the White House. Then they filed the most ridiculous charges the White House f3ed them. It is no surprise that all four prosecutions are fading away.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday  at which time she will hear about the request made by  Jeffrey B. Clark and his legal team that Willis believes she cannot be called as a witness in her alleged affair with Nathan Wade and her offices that might include documents detailing her partnership with Joe Biden in initiating a grand jury and eventually the indictment of 18 people including Trump.

Earlier this month, Clark, who used to work in the Department of Justice under Trump, submitted a Motion to Compel, urging the court to order Willis to provide evidence of any contact she may have had with the Biden White House.

The requested information regarding contacts between the State and the White House Counsel’s Office may be material to the outcome of the case or helpful to the defense, if it supports an argument that the prosecution of this case is tainted with partisan political objectives coordinated with, suggested or directed by the White House. The political benefit of this prosecution to President Biden and his political party are obvious and a current fact of political life. The record shows clear and obvious collaboration between the State and the January 6 Committee and the Biden White House. The political animus of that Committee and the Biden White House toward President Trump and Mr. Clark is open, obvious, and undeniable.

The motion states:

“All defendants should know the nature of the State’s communications with the White House Counsel’s Office to assess whether they can mount a defense based on selective or political prosecution in violation of their rights to due process and the equal protection of the laws. There is a plausible basis for suspicion on that score, and therefore sufficient justification to require production of the requested information that might support a defense motion.”

From PJ Media

Willis previously refused to provide the necessary records and documentation. There is also evidence that she coordinated with the partisan January 6 Committee. In December, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed the existence of a letter dated December 17, 2021, from Willis to Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) requesting access to congressional records and offering to have her and her staff travel to Washington, D.C., to “meet with investigators in person.”

According to an invoice from the Law Offices of Nathan J. Wade, he met with members of the partisan J6 Committee in the spring of 2022. Willis is alleged to have had an affair with Fani Willis, who appears to have hired him and paid him more than other attorneys despite his lack of experience with RICO cases. Bank records indicate the pair likely misused funds by traveling together to San Francisco, Miami, and Aruba, with tickets purchased under her name.

Willis has since refused requests from House Republicans to disclose her and her crew’s contacts with the partisan J6 Committee.

Attorneys for Clark and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis have since been ordered to appear in McAfee’s courtroom at 2 p.m. on Thursday. 

Perhaps the truth about Willis’s coordination with the Biden White House will be exposed very soon.




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  1. Willis is a Black corrupt crooked criminal fraud who belongs in jail and should have to pay for
    All of Trumps legal expenses. She is a lying conniving corrupt prosecutor and the judge needs to
    Be investigated for conspiring with her. He’s as deep in corruption as she is he needs to have a
    Colonoscopy to see where his brains are. He will be the next one to be brought up on corruption charges.
    It’s great to see these corrupt government officials getting caught and charged with criminal crimes.
    Get the crying towels out because this is just the beginning of corruption in our government.
    Kiss your ass good by. FJB. Go get them Trump Hang um high.

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