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FBI Deep Stater Who Played Key Role in Mar-a-Lago Raid FLIPS — Admits To Congress Trump Resort Search Was Illegal

A senior FBI official who was at the forefront of executing the bureau’s unprecedented raid of Mar-a-Lago, Steven D’Antuono, has come forward to Congress claiming that the FBI violated protocols in multiple ways when searching former President Donald Trump’s resort last August.

As a result of his involvement in this raid, D’Antuono was promoted to Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) in 2020, and led the mass arrests and prosecutions of hundreds of Trump supporters following the January 6 protests.

In a letter sent on Thursday to Attorney General Merrick Garland by Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), it was reported that D’Antuono had voluntarily come forward to the House Judiciary Committee with objections over how the bureau executed its Mar-a-Lago raid.

The letter requested access to “all documents and communications” related to said execution—containing details about meetings between DOJ officials prior to search as well as correspondence between WFO employees and U.S Secret Service—in order for further investigations into these potential violations can be conducted.

From Infowars:

Jordan highlighted 4 major ways the FBI deviated from standard operating procedure in pursuing its investigation into Trump:

The Miami Field Office did not conduct the search

Mr. D’Antuono testified that FBI headquarters made the decision to assign the execution of the search warrant to the Washington Field Office (WFO) despite the location of the search occurring in the territory of the FBI’s Miami Field Office. Mr. D’Antuono stated that he had “absolutely no idea” why this decision was made and questioned why the Miami Field Office was not taking the lead on this matter.

The Department did not assign a U.S. Attorney’s Office to the matter

According to Mr. D’Antuono, it was unusual to not have a U.S. Attorney assigned to an investigative matter, especially a matter of this magnitude. He explained that he “didn’t understand why there wasn’t a US Attorney assigned” and “raised this concern a lot with” Department officials because this was out of the ordinary.

The FBI did not first seek consent to effectuate the search

Mr. D’Antuono recounted a meeting between FBI and Department officials during which the Department assertively pushed for the FBI to promptly execute the search warrant. Based upon his over-20-year tenure at the FBI, Mr. D’Antuono testified that he believed that the FBI, prior to resorting to a search warrant, should have sought consent to search the premises.

The FBI refused to wait for President Trump’s attorney to be present before executing the search

Mr. D’Antuono testified that the FBI sought to exclude President Trump’s attorney from the search, a move with which Mr. D’Antuono disagreed. Mr. D’Antuono believed that the FBI should have worked with the attorney to get consent to search the residence prior to seeking a warrant for the search.

Jordan then demanded Garland turn over “all documents and communications” related to the execution of the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, including meetings by DOJ officials prior to the search and correspondence between Washington Field Office employees and the U.S. Secret Service.

After just two years as Assistant Director in Charge of the WFO, D’Antuono suddenly retired in November 2022, leading many to speculate he wanted to get ahead of impending House Republican investigations.

D’Antuono retired from his position at WFO just two years into it, which occurred shortly before House Republicans launched their investigations into what they deemed illegitimate actions taken during the Mar-a-Lago raid by both himself and other members within his department.

Darren Beattie from Revolver News particularly highlighted on Tuesday how important it is for D’Antuono’s decision to come forward to be taken seriously if getting down to the bottom of this situation is truly desired.

The whole story behind why such an integral figure in leading an unconstitutional attack on President Donald Trump’s private property would suddenly choose to step away from such a prestigious post needs further investigation into its legitimacy, especially considering this took place right before potentially incriminating information could be brought forth against him or any other involved parties–information which he may have been privy too beforehand due to his high ranking status within FBI bureaucracy.

It is clear something doesn’t add up here–and many are now looking towards uncovering what really happened at Mar-a-Lago last summer under such suspicious circumstances involving one of America’s most respected law enforcement agencies.

“And this is the basis of these sham charges,” he noted, referring to the DOJ’s federal indictment against Trump. “And so, that gives you a sense of how bad it is.”




27 Responses

  1. “As a result of his involvement in this raid, D’Antuono was promoted to Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) in 2020, and led the mass arrests and prosecutions of hundreds of Trump supporters following the January 6 protests.”

    Rocci, help us out with the timeline problem here. How do you get promoted in 2020 for your involvement in a raid that hasn’t happened yet?

  2. DEFUND and CLOSE the FBI and DOJ, two VERY corrupt agencies in our government.

  3. I can’t understand how the democrats,news media,fbi,and doj yes all lower case. Could get away with all the sh-t they did to Trump while he was in office and still at it. And did not do anything with clinton’s and joe biden sold the USA out and got rich from it,he had every crime with fbi and doj help.

  4. AAAAHHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, choke, gag, cough, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. No 4th term for the African born queer.
    Black Lies Don’t Matter has your reparations, don’t ask the rest of us for sh-t, Cornelius.
    No guns for sexually confused adults.
    American DemocraCommie elitist Ukraine invaders and their families should go straight to Russian prison!

    1. When do the TREASON Tribunals BEGIN?
      Some deserved hangings should be forthcoming!

    2. Perfect timing!: Perfectly Criminal!
      If Garland ordered it to happen, he should be arrested and charged by the Secret Service. The reason of having a Lawyer is to protect their clients, the fact this top FBI agent mentioned President Trump’s lawyer, is absolute proof they knew they were working outside of the law, infact deliberately braking the law, just to get him, by any means possible no matter what rights they denied President Trump. If the document’s are going to be used as evidence, they would not be allowed to be used, in any court case, inadmissible as braking one law to charge someone else with braking another law, is prohibited by the law, but this is the Democrats playing and applying the law as they seem fit, to get him by whatever means.

  6. Democrat Party under Biden should hang their head in shame, beg forgiveness from

    the electorate and offer up honest, decent candidates in 2024 – FDR JFK AND CARTER

    left an outstanding legacy that has been indecently tarnished by the Clinton, Obama

    and Biden spending DEBT spree while the silent whisper of Social Security insolvency

    lingers with no action by Congress to guarantee FDR promise to retirees who have

    paid FICA tax on every pay check during a lifetime of working to support their family.

    If Joe pays illegals a penny of Social Security funds – any funds from our taxes, he is

    stealing from Americans – HE MUST BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY – HE IS A CLEAR


  7. 3rd world, Havana tactics. Just like the Russian “dossier” warrant was. Maybe that’s why no one was held to account for the “collusion” fiasco because that FISA judge may have had to explain signing off on a bs story and then signing off on the 3 extensions that reportedly didn’t add any pertinent info to the original one.

  8. Grace, your story timeline doesn’t make sense to me. It states that the agent was rewarded for his participation in the MiraLago raid by being assigned to the WFO in 2020. That was 2 years before the raid. What is the correct timeline or is the assertion he was rewarded for the raid with that assignment erroneous.

  9. The CommuCrat and Swamp filth realize that if President Trump is re-elected, they will have to face the consequences of their criminality. There are, therefore, no limits upon what they are willing to do. None.

    Look for them to abandon all pretext and pretence, not to mention legality. They MUST keep the President from running for the the regaining of the office. Their freedom depends on keeping him out.

  10. That should be grounds for complete dismissal of the charges! This whole thing screams of political targeting and manipulation.

  11. Not one person from the Trump team was there to oversee the operation. That alone is proof that something was going on that was illegal. Maybe some of those docs were planted?

  12. We need a Patriot’s Witness Protection Program. This guy may suddenly have a fatal accident or s heart attack. Just saying.

  13. That is what I love about American DEMOCRACY – no matter how badly one political party wants to usurp the power, people put up a good fight to push them back into oblivion. This “Bolshevik” revolution has no chance to succeed in the USA. Freedom is above everything. This time, Democrats crossed the Red Line, and all guilty of attacking our Constitution must be severely punished as a lesson for future generations.

  14. Looks like an illegal search. Of course, the FBI doesn’t care, because they got their results.

  15. probably why they had knapsacks on when they entered his home so they could plant the documents they wanted to with no one the wiser, why they never allowed his lawyers or his cameras on what a bunch of crooks !!!

  16. Do you think the FBI men were eating Breakfast and Said I know what we ought to do Go Raid Trump s, Home for Classified Papers who is in Power to keep as President and not go Raid others that have Stolen Papers<? as Joe when he was Senator and did not suppose to have or Keep Like Hillary did when she was in the State and send them and receive them and Deleted the after they were Subpenead too No raid No Jail What is Going? I KNOW TREASON

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