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FBI Director Caves To House Republicans, Will Hand Over Document That Alleges Biden’s Bribery Scheme

It is absolutely shocking and appalling that the FBI and Justice Department will go to such lengths to protect the Biden family crime syndicate.

On Friday, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally agreed to hand over the document in question, FD-1023, which a whistleblower alleges outlines President Biden’s bribery scheme during the Obama administration—a scheme that involves $5 million.

This comes after Wednesday’s closed-door meeting between House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Director Wray.

The meeting confirmed that the agency possesses this elusive informant file proving links between then Vice President Joe Biden and his criminal bribery scheme. The Justice Department has not denied these claims but this was the first time it had openly admitted its existence.

After weeks of refusing to acknowledge that the form existed, Director Wray offered for Congress to see it in person at FBI headquarters, however, according to Comer’s statement on Wednesday anything short of producing these documents directly to Congress would be considered not in compliance with their subpoena request.

On Tuesday, Comer released a message making it clear how important it is for Congress to possess this document: “The FBI’s decision to stiff-arm Congress and hide this information from the American people is obstructionist and unacceptable.”

He followed up with a warning: “If the FBI fails to hand over the FD-1023 form as required by the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee will begin contempt of Congress proceedings.”

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) also expressed his disapproval of such an action taken by those within our government system: “This failure comes with consequences.”

He called out their treatment of Congress as “second-class citizens” because they refused to provide an unclassified record they were asked for.

It seems like those enforcing justice have failed at fulfilling their duty if they are unable or unwilling to serve justice equally amongst all American citizens regardless of political beliefs or status.

Now that we know FD-1023 exists and will be handed over on Monday, hopefully, we can get some answers regarding what happened during Biden’s vice presidency under Obama’s administration so justice can be served accordingly without any favoritism or bias towards any individual or group of individuals involved.




18 Responses

  1. As disgusted as I am with the fbi for hiding proof of criminal activity by joe dementia and others in the regime of fuhrer obama the only attitude I have towards both houses of congress and both political parties is that of total contempt!!!! Other than a few republicans the deep state, devildemocommiecrats and gop establishment TRAITORS have repeatedly betrayed We the People for personal wealth and power, something our founders were intent on preventing but satan has control of both political parties now and is working hard to destroy what God and the founders established, one nation under God!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I bet you a dollar to a donut it will be heavily redacted to point it is totally worthless and all names have been eliminated leaving only partial sentences of no value.

  3. One still wonders if ANYTHING will EVER be done to ANY of these DemocRAT Criminals !!!! I seriously DOUBT IT !!!!!

    1. Of course it WON’T. What chaps my behind is even the few in Congress who are fighting the fight for us are too mamby pamby with people like Wray, Myorkas, Garlandm and others. You get to the point you have to issue a subpoena to get information and they thumb their nose at you and refuse, set up for them to come explain their refusal. Call the session to order, ask for the item. Anything other that ‘Here it is, sir.’ gets an immediate request from the Sargent of Arms or Capital Police, whichever has the authority, to take them into custody. Anything less and they think they can decline anything they want. Make the requests have meat to them so they learn their lesson for the next time.

    2. Much more likely to happen to RINO traitors, odds being not more than 0.00001% likely, while President Trump will probably be both impeached and indicted before any evidence can be created, so stolen-again election can be “fixed.”

  4. You use the word “caves“ to describe the necessary response to the receipt of a Contempt of Congress warning?

    I would almost think I’m reading an MSNBC account of the compliance with a congressional oversight order!

  5. What went on behind closed doors that made Wray agree to turn over the doc? Let us see what happens when Congress gets hold of the doc on Monday.

  6. OK< So now when is the indictment for interfering with a federals investigation going to come down ? Isn't that what the FBI does when someone tries to us their Constitution Right to remain silent, or doesn't remember word for word their testimony while under interrogation, for the fortieth time in 6 months …… and they end up being charged with the process crime of interfering with a Federal Investigation ? And they are not task under the Constitution with having to answer to Congress which is the Controlling Authority for the DOJ and FBI and every other federal law enforcement agency. They all are required to report of Congress and answers for their actions.

  7. If hard, irrefutable proof is released to show Biden and his family have committed many crimes, Joe, the Democrats, and the MSM will claim: 1) It is being taken out of context, 2) It doesn’t mean anything, 3) It is a smear campaign, and 4) Evil Mega-MAGA Republicans are spreading lies to interfere with Joe’s 2024 re-election.

  8. They had no problem turning over every bit of evidence to the committees when the Dems controlled the House. Didn’t matter if there was an open investigation or not. Look at the J6 committee.

  9. I wonder how we know the FD-1023 is the real on and not just a fake that leaves out some important information.

  10. J. R. Justice wants to know if anything will ever be done to any of these DemocRATic criminals ?? They will most likely get away with their crimes in our Satan controlled world !! But, Almighty God knows of the crimes that they committed, and the day will come when they all will have to stand before him to face his Judgement and Punishment !!

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