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FBI Suddenly Dropped Four Investigations Into Hillary and Bill Clinton Ahead of 2016 Election

The Durham Report is a gift that keeps on giving. According to the report, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation had four investigations against them.

Just before the 2016 elections, Andrew McCabe told all field offices to drop all investigations into the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the FBI dropped all four investigations.

Hillary blew the election. She canceled several events to go to California to fundraise and Trump outworked her.

The FBI’s Little Rock field office revealed in a January 2016 report that it found evidence that “large monetary contributions were made to a nonprofit, under both direct and indirect control of [a] federal public official, in exchange for favorable government action and/or influence.”

So is that why all investigations were tossed? If so, there needs to be an investigation, Just follow the money. A confidential source told the agency that staffed Hillary’s campaign knew about foreign contributions and that they “were fully aware from the start” of the foreign contributions and “were okay with it.”

The New York Post reported on the four investigations:

The Little Rock and New York offices were investigating a claim that an outside commercial industry “likely engaged a federal public official in a flow of benefits scheme, namely, large monetary contributions were made to a non-profit, under both direct and indirect control of the federal public official, in exchange for favorable government action and/or influence,” according to the Durham report.

The DC investigation was based on allegations that the Clintons accepted millions in donations from foreign governments — as well as massive Russian corporations — in an attempt to influence US foreign policy dating back to Hillary’s days as Secretary of State, as outlined by political consultant Peter Schweizer in his book “Clinton Cash.”

The fourth investigation looked into allegations made by a “well-placed” source that Hillary continued accepting those illegal donations throughout her presidential campaign.

From The Blaze

An anonymous FBI agent reported that the investigation was “in limbo” for several months because “everyone was ‘super more careful'” and “scared with the big name [Clinton]” involved. In addition, the agent described colleagues’ behavior around Clinton as “tippy-toeing” because “there was a chance she would be the next President.”

Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, all four FBI investigations were shut down, several at the request of top FBI officials with close ties to the Clinton family.

During an FBI meeting in early 2016, former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe “initially directed the field offices” investigating the Clinton Foundation “to close their cases.” McCabe was described as being “negative,” “annoyed,” and “angry” about the probes.

The New York field office was directed to “cease and desist” its investigation “due to some undisclosed counterintelligence concern,” the report stated. The directive to drop the investigation was reportedly delivered to the field office on behalf of former FBI Director James Comey.


All four probes were dropped ahead of the 2016 election — several of which at the direction of senior FBI officials who had close ties to the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation issued the following statement:

“None of the Clintons have ever taken any money from the Clinton Foundation — in fact, the Clintons themselves are major donors to the Clinton Foundation.” 






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  1. And yet this witch had the audacity to accuse Trump of the very thing the FBI was investigating her for before they were told to stop. Then for 2 years and $38,000,000 the Mueller investigation turned up squat as did Durham. I would love to see Trump sue Hillary and reopen all the investigations with an FBI that have great prejudice against corruption like they once had.

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